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This page is a list of potential Idlescape updates. Everything on this list is subject to change, even if the developers confirm it.

Schedule [1]

The dates and specific order of the updates are highly speculative and may not be accurate.

Date Update
Combat Rework
Smithing Rework
Marketplace Rework
Monetization Model
Steam and Mobile

Combat rework

A new combat rework is in the works. It will drastically change the way combat works, below is a list of changes that is coming with it:

  • Rings will be changed and have an effect in combat.[2]
  • New weapons has been mentioned as a possibility, not yet confirmed.[3]
  • Combat skills may or may not be reset, this has yet to be decided.[4]
  • Scroll of Weakening enchant is confirmed to be removed.[5]
  • Bosses are confirmed.[6]
  • Satchels will be adjusted.[7]
  • Multiplayer is confirmed for group bosses.[8]
  • Multiplayer loot will not be based on the percentage of damage you deal.[9]
  • Chickens will keep their current drop table.[10]
  • Trade banned accounts will not be able to participate in multiplayer combat.[11]
  • The source item transformation of the Infernal Lance might be changed.[12]
  • Notifications potentially being added to combat.[13]
  • Different weapon types and roles will play a big part. This will likely be used in multiplayer boss combat.[14]