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Beta 0.11.9 Onwards

Beta 0.11.7? - 16 March 2023
16 March 2023 Beta 0.11.7?
  • Handling for potential crashes when checking invalid ban data
  • Meh handling for farming tile invalidity crashes
  • New handling for buff/enchant desync crashes
  • Altered behavior of dungeon key start issues to not cause a crash
  • Altered behavior for invalid playerEatFoodinCombat to not cause a crash
  • Finished restandardization action saving to improve sync and handle some crashes; primarily focused on queued actions being lost, again
  • Changed handling out of bounds for some ability things, may help with crashes?
  • Can use the base version of items with their native enchantments or disenchanted versions for SB augmenting
  • Replaced placeholder values on some of the new jewelry; mostly raised their vendor price a ton, altered their aug costs, and increased aug bonuses
Beta 0.11.7? - 14 March 2023
14 March 2023 Beta 0.11.7?
  • can tacklebox or remove from tacklebox gummy lure
  • More adjustments to transaction handling; item adding/removing batched together
  • Sell and Burn go below close because they're "dangerous" options
  • Fixed first 3 magic tome crafting XP
  • Fixed augmenting soulbound +0 gear
  • All settings should now sync between updates correctly (not retroactive, so pre-update settings will be reset to default / initial)
  • More attempts to force combat queued actions (gathering after encounters) to be more consistent
  • Tweaks + fixes to how we save actions (should help with things getting stuck)
  • lotta mod stuff
  • Fixed empty inventory bug
  • Reduced monster passive heal to 1% every 30 seconds
  • Added enrage mechanic-
  • every 3 minutes monsters get +15% to damage and accuracy, stacking
  • New elite scroll assets and descriptions
  • Warded enchant/ability (+prot and res, -int)
  • Fixed acrobatics effect
Beta 0.11.7 - Bug Fixes + QoL
13 March 2023 Beta 0.11.7 Bug Fixes + QoL
  • Enable Tab History as an option (defaults to off)
  • Fix some more group handling issues
  • Fixed infinite mob waves, if a wave breaks it will only require 1 kill to complete
  • Can only post up to 5 links in a single message
  • Rewrote how food and ability cooldowns are handled internally, this should resolve problematic rotations and food cooldowns
  • Probably fixed group flashbang issues
  • Can soulbound up to +2
  • GK new drops
  • Mantle of Flame uses Phoenix's Feather for augging
  • Elder Ruins new drops
  • Skill books worth 500k gold, 25k heat
  • Elite scrolls can drop abilities rarely
  • Updated some of the helper functions that were causing issues due to some optimizations measures (fixes a few inventory issues, esp. in augmenting)
  • Implemented username change token, WIP start on bonds
  • temporary fix for safari in marketplace (until that UI component can be entirely rewritten)
  • More TH from dungeon/scroll difficulty
  • Fixed another instance of the utility breaking things, should fix inconsistent moving of items in inventory (i.e. trying to move 2+ items but only moving 1 of them, or similar)
  • Added another layer of auto-recovery for inventories janking up; it basically does a partial session refresh ONLY for your inventories to force resolve desync, if possible
  • Re-enabling player group combat bars (shows ability use + timers)
Beta 0.11.4? - 8 March 2023
8 March 2023 Beta 0.11.4?
  • Decreased available plat buffs
  • Cleaned up chat backend handled (no more empty messages!)
  • Fixed scholar description
  • Transformed items keep enchantments
  • Added Range Stance default abilities, fixed some very broken group logic
  • Fixed inverted enchant behavior in cooking, soul wisdom can be applied to cooking equipment
  • Fixed handling of errors in enchanting/augmenting module
  • Significantly reduced costs to augment dungeon keys
  • Small tweak to the check message func
  • removed tab history stuff
  • guests working
Beta 0.11.4 - Bug Fixes and Quality of Life changes
9 March 2023 Beta 0.11.4 Bug Fixes and Quality of Life changes
  • Combat respects blocked respawns (primarily for dungeons)
  • Accepting a group invite will remove you from your current group
  • Replaced item affinity arrow tooltip -> i.e. +30%, -4%, etc.
  • Assign Loc -> Toggle Loc + fixed zone ID instead of zone name
  • Gave The Advisor some guaranteed drops
  • Range bodies and trousers now match the dex aug bonus, but still have no base dex stats
  • A handful of misc. crash fixes/handling
  • new augmenting chance formula on frontend
  • Combat Queued Action persists, should fix getting stuck in dangerous encounters
  • Can filter out "Enemy respawn!" Message, option to hide personal IS+ icon
  • Improved augment queue item selection logic, added 'Save Last Item' option
  • Archaeology procs are sent to lootlog
  • More work done on archaeology, expanded arch drop tables
  • Improved Arch description: 'Gives access to a secondary drop table while gathering with rewards and chances heavily scaling on enchantment strength. The best finds are only found in the hardest to reach zones!'
  • Improved some misc. descriptions and grammar errors
  • No more doubling up mod icons! @Zady
  • No more doubling up IS+ icons
  • All IS+ members get +600 plat
  • Present no longer blinking
Beta 0.11.? - 5 March 2023
5 March 2023 Beta 0.11.?
  • Fixed talisman announce
  • Crash handling for some edge cases of inventory transactions
  • Crash handling for some edge cases of buff issues
  • User Status (mods/admins) and Premium icons appear by chat messages (not tracked in history)
  • Elite Scroll mob/wave count closer to previously, now every aug gives 2 waves, i.e. +0 = 2 mobs, +1 = 2 mobs, +2 = 4 mobs, +3 = 6 mobs, etc.
  • Buffed World Walkers and Shapers augmentation bonuses to intended values
  • Nerfed offensive capability of platebodies
  • Continued to flesh out monster rotations
  • Eye of the Storm key crafting components drops enabled
  • Monsters have 5% max HP passive heal every 30 seconds
  • Fixed minor combat UI related issues
  • Gathering and Superheating will attempt to find runes first in stockpile then in combat inventory + updated enchantment descriptions to reflect this
  • Chat Tooltip now has a "Copy Name to Clipboard" option
  • Fixed weakening showing 5 levels per in item tooltip
  • Lots of other misc UI work
  • Announce rare items from chests
  • Removed most 'DEBUG' messages
  • Mod message removal button is the old [x]
  • Defined filter level filter for a bunch of enchantment activity log stuff
  • Fix some elite scroll logic for saving
      • Significant** adjustments to combat 'junk' items to reduce dry loot
  • Improved some of the discord hooks
  • Aquamarines have more uses :thinking:
  • Improvements to login handling
  • Improvements to offline progression handling
  • Fixed BIG font size in status text
  • Fixed several resource leaks in backend
  • Chef's hat has an announce
Beta 0.11.1 - 3 March 2023
3 March 2023 Beta 0.11.1
  • Combat wave resets properly on party wipe
  • Globals properly propagate an update to clients when a new buff is added (i.e. premium purchases)
  • Improvements to offline character fetching
  • Improvements to handling malformed items
  • Loot popup at end of dungeon is back
  • Fixed misc. item tags
  • Fixed legacy sort and sort by value options
  • A confirmation log message is sent when starting a dungeon to show what your current difficulty is from augmenting the key
  • Updated tooltip for dungeon keys / elite scrolls
  • On monster kill the effective treasure hunter from enchantments, buffs, and difficulty is posted
  • Adjustment to 'p-chicken' visual items (mod hamsters, Mr. Klimp cosmetic)
  • Added a new Limpe K. Limpe cosmetic because limpe is a special boy and Nick wanted him to have it
  • Fixed range body character images
  • New interface for mobile users
  • Made some pages more responsive. Let me know what issues you run on mobile and I will get on them ASAP!
  • Discord game chat functionality restored
  • Feedback functionality restored
Beta 0.11.0? - 2 March 2023
2 March 2023 Beta 0.11.?
  • Added some mod commands
  • Increased prices of IM gem pack and scroll pack
  • Scholar has chance to double XP
  • Trade chat no longer receiving announcements
  • Fixed whitescreen on combat screen
  • Fixed marketplace purchase tab not closing properly
Beta 0.11.0 - Idlescape TS Rewrite
2 March 2023 Beta 0.11.0 Idlescape TS Rewrite


v0.10.9 - Bug fixes, Improved Backend Logging, Auto-eat command, more forms
14 April 2022 v0.10.9 Bug fixes, Improved Backend Logging, Auto-eat command, more forms

Yet again another minor update to fix some bugs, add minor convenience and some more logging server-side

Quality of Life

  • Added "Auto-eat" slider on the bottom of Equipment tab for easier interaction
  • Added "/ae [number]" command to change your auto-eat threshold via chat commands
  • Added four new feedback categories with templates
    • Key Refund
    • Additional Character
    • Character Reset/Delete
    • Name Change
  • Hiding combat buffs in food confirmation window when eating
  • "/pm [username]" command and its aliases are now case-insensitive

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed client crashes in the augmenting window
  • Fixed UI lag after enchanting an item
  • Removed empty enchantment stack warning in food confirmation window when eating
  • Fixed client crashing after buying the last listing of an item
  • Fixed stack multiplier inconsistencies in food tooltip and confirmation window
v0.10.8 - Minor client improvements + Marketplace QoL
17 March 2022 v0.10.8 Minor client improvements + Marketplace QoL

Only a few changes, as we are all scared to make any even a little more complex changes to the current codebase. The Great Refactor ❤️

  • Reduced the size of all images across the game by around 30%
  • Your own market listings will now be visible in the listing page with a green background
  • Mysterious Seed size will now be shown when linking them
  • Mysterious Seed size will be shown in marketplace without having to hover over them
v0.10.7 - Minor bug fixes + Inventory enchantment filtering
23 February 2022 v0.10.7 Minor bug fixes + Inventory enchantment filtering

Not many changes were made to the current codebase, all development efforts went towards the The Great Refactor. Will give proper updates (and some sort of roadmap of it?) about it once a few things are sorted, to keep you more up to date what is happening. Meanwhile here’s the few bugs that were fixed in this patch:

  • Fixed heals resetting ability rotations
  • Fixed initial system update message not being sent to Ironman General chat
  • Fixed password recovery not working if having 2FA enabled
  • Added inventory filtering for enchantments
  • Savage Strike (Giant King’s and Phoenix’s ability) can now hit one player only once
v0.10.6 - Balancing, bug fixes, quality of life and the usual stuff
16 February 2022 v0.10.6 Balancing, bug fixes, quality of life and the usual stuff

Quality of Life

  • Swapped enchanting and augmenting tabs
  • Ability tooltips now know + show multicast and required enchants
  • Most/all exp popup ignores make whole numbers into just integers for displaying (+15.00 -> +15)
  • Marketplace price ceiling raised to 100b, from 10b
  • Added a confirmation when sending feedback/bug report
  • Disabled auto-completion on 2FA fields. Only works for some browsers, chrome stupid 😦

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that heavily reduced mantle of flames droprates (thanks Kugan)
  • Fixed heals resetting ability rotation index
  • Scrollcrafting now shows action and scroll being created in character select instead of idling
  • Filtering accidental feedback submissions
  • Effective levels format to just integer if they don't have partial levels (99.00 -> 99)
  • Fixed being able to post 'Invalid Itemset' to chat


  • Swapped usage of molten ash and infernal flames for key and mantle augs
  • Added chance for double and triple fish oil if exceeding 100%/200% respectively
  • Added amount of buff stacks receiving in the food popup
v0.10.5 - Balancing, bug fixes and the usual stuff
3 Februrary 2022 v0.10.5 Balancing, bug fixes and the usual stuff

General changes

  • Magic strength has been enabled (and shown in UI), it will effect all elemental type abilities EXCEPT for auto-attacks which have been element swapped
  • Magic strength applies to melee abilities (the only abilities available to players right now) at 25% efficiency, so if you have 100 magic strength it translates to 25 melee strength during an ability cast
  • Mantle of flame magic str is +2 per, instead of +3 (magic strength wasn't enabled before, so this isn't a buff nor nerf)
  • Max hit is now visible in your equipment stats
  • Speed coefficient shown on item abilities for non-weapon items (i.e. Signet Ring)
  • Mantle of Flame placement on the character altered and given a new equipped sprite (animated woooo)
  • Crystal Mace augment costs reduced
25 -> 10 Stygian Bars, 1 -> 0 Black Opals, 3 -> 4 Diamonds, 2,500 -> 5,000 Chaos Runes
  • Removed cooking tags from Fish Oil
  • Chance to cook the next tier of food based on your progress to the next breakpoint

Chat related changes

  • Added a new Community Member icon (Distinguished)
  • Disabled flood level check in Help channel
  • Staff members now have their role icon always visible, allowing them to have two icons simultaneously.
  • Mastery level is being shown in chat instead of normal level if the person has achieved max total level (currently 1287). Mastery levels will be shown in chat with a ★ on their left side.

Bug fixes

  • Combat ladles fixed
  • Grasslands now has a proper combat name as Farm for scroll stuff
  • Fixed wonky item shuffling on initial page load
v0.10.4b - Hotfixes
28 January 2022 v0.10.4b Hotfixes
  • Infernal Flame isn't craftable
  • Aug messages for keys still showing up
  • Wrapping paper not taken away
  • Molten Ashes and Infernal Flame not having a lootlog color
  • Sharks can't be cooked
  • Winter Essence always appears when filtered
  • Winter Essence and Angry Letter can't be vaulted
  • Molten Ashes to the augmentation cost of Burning Feathers

Thanks Nick 🐛

v0.10.4 - Event End + QoL + Bugfixes + Content
28 January 2022 v0.10.4 Event End + QoL + Bugfixes + Content

Hello Idlescapers!

I hope you enjoyed your extended Christmas event, but now it’s coming to a close! Unluckily for you all the very cool Christmas event will now be closed, but when one door closes another opens! In this case, it leads straight to somewhere really hot!

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who applied for the Dev Server testing, without you the quality of the update would be much lower. For those of you who applied but didn’t participate, don’t be disheartened! Our submission box was simply overflowing this time around! In particular I would like to point out the contributions of Dael and Silent1 for their endless fonts of feedback and solutions; if you see them around give them a virtual pat on the back!

This update will bring us to beta version 0.10.4.

Event Related-

  • Christmas Event ended, all gathering zones disabled and most materials have been consumed.
  • Krampus Keys and crafting them will remain available.
  • Snowball crafting will remain available.
  • Tokens of Ownership/Action/Slayer now have a heat value of 1 if you have any left in your inventory that you want to get rid of (technical limitations, enjoy the free handful of heat!)
  • Event Shop has been opened for Ironmen
  • Festive Shroud has been added to the Event Shop with a price of 45k Event Tokens


  • A new dungeon has become available!
  • The Palace of Flames is a Stygian tier duo dungeon that is harder than Fort, but easier than Keep. This should place it solidly in midgame progression.
  • New combat mechanics have been enabled: When in this dungeon you will suffer from the Overheat debuff, which heavily reduces your offensive capabilities.
  • Crafting Flame Resistance food will nullify this debuff, so make sure to bring some of that with you!
  • A new unique cape has been added with this dungeon with a new and interesting special effect!
  • There’s an easter egg attached to this new cape. Naga’s Secret 2.0? No announcement though because I was too lazy to set that up :)


  • There are now 10 equipment loadout slots.
  • Aliases for the commands and actions have been added:

loadout = l/lo/equip/e

save = s

load = l

delete = d


  • Reel power has been linearized. This buffs reel power under 200, and nerfs reel power over 200.
  • Bait now affects the lucky node chances, if you hit a lucky node it will now tell you in the acivity log.
  • Bait now affects the sizes of nodes. More bait = bigger nodes!
  • Fixed a bug where the minimum fishing time was 1ms instead of 1000ms, no more sub-second actions, sorry!


  • Searing ladle has had its aug costs lowered dramatically to be brought more in-line with similarly tiered items.
  • Fish oil can now be used as a cooking ingredient. It dramatically lowers time to cook and is a decent chunk of xp, but it has a heat cost!
  • Inferno and scholar now work properly for Cooking.


  • Brand new sorting is in place with a couple options attached to it, check them out! It’s nice. I’m biased.
  • If you hate progress and the future you can enable using legacy sorting, but if you do you probably have haste on ring.
  • Tooltip generation and item popups have been updated; abilities and item sets now have a special spot they appear in instead of in the description and item augments and their names are visible in the popup


  • Elite scrolls no longer have global augment messages. Stop wasting your money on +20s nobody can do!
  • Disabled gargoyle transform global messages. F.
  • Added auto-tacklebox feature, toggleable in settings.
  • Added vendor costs to several items that lacked them, and updated some that had incorrect/old ones.
  • Some issues related to abilities.
  • Added a /kill command that sets your health to 0. We log when this is used so don’t try to scam a key off of us :)


  • Added many, removed some. :)

And that should be it! A little bit bigger than the intended small bug fix and QoL update, but hopefully you all enjoy it! Work will probably be focused on The Great Refactor^tm so expect news of that soon^tm


v0.10.3b - Christmas Event fixes/updates
26 December 2021 v0.10.3b Christmas Event fixes/updates

Hello Christmas Event go-ers, I've got more news!

Update/fixes for lots of the event are mostly ready to go, doing final stuff then it'll go live (probably 3 hours from now?).

  • Changes in this patch so far are:
  • Goblin brain task dropped from 1500 to 500
  • Added server clock beside the ping
  • Added Magic Ice Bar to smithing UI
  • Added Scroll of Candy Canes to scrollcrafting UI
  • Fixed runecrafting UI resource cost for winter essence (it's still out of order, it doesn't want to go in order, it hates me)
  • Wrapping Paper added as a craftable
  • Fixed burnt fish/food not having assets
  • Presents in loot log are now highlighted in yellow!
  • Tasks now say "AND/OR" to better explain it's summed rather than independent
  • Buffed magic ice drop rate by a little over 2x
  • Krampus Key fight has been "finished," you can't enter it without the christmas gear, if you do you can't deal damage
  • Enabled superheat for magic ice bars
v0.10.3 - Christmas Event + Bunch of other stuff
24 December 2021 v0.10.3 Christmas Event + Bunch of other stuff

Merry Christmas! Won't be spoiling much of the Christmas Event, you should all have a task waiting for you in inventory :) Loadouts

  • Added loadouts to save and load equipment sets
  • Type /help loadout in-game to see the usage

New Options Added

  • Auto-vault like items
  • Enable inventory on group interface
  • Play sound on group invite
  • Filter score printouts after combat
  • Enable special attacks for some equipment
  • Changed the full health check to instead auto-buy full health

Combat Changes

  • Added button to empty out combat inventory
  • Added several item abilities (must turn on the ability option to use them)
  • Dungeon access keys are now augmentable, up to +10. They DO NOT grant permanent TH.
  • New elite scroll for Stormy Seas
  • Several elite scrolls placed in existing drop tables

Fishing Changes

  • Fishing gear made rarer
  • Hidden stats are now revealed
  • Some baits buffed

Task System

  • Initial task system implemented, supports monster killing, item gathering, or action completing
  • Tutorial tasks for gathering skills added


  • Item sets and abilities are in the item description
  • Some items received fake enchantment slots so that enchanting them grants XP
  • Removed BKGH from global announce list
  • Added tools to equipment tooltip chat link
  • Inferno now works for cooking

Bug fixes

  • Marketplace history items no longer stretching
  • Fixed being unable to scroll all the way down in combat zone list
  • Drift Wood rename to Driftwood
  • Autocompletion shenanigans on filters disabled
  • Some UI numbers rounded down to the second decimal place
  • Driftwood now properly has the "heat" tag
  • Cost per stack of food properly sorts
  • A few spelling/grammar fixes
v0.10.2 - Fishing balancing + Item conversions
23 November 2021 v0.10.2 Fishing balancing + Item conversions


  • Added three new crafting recipes to convert your Nature, Fire and Ice fragments
  • Added three new crafting recipes to convert your Ancient fishing equipment to other types.


  • Monsters in fishing zone "Stormy Seas" have new items added to their drop table
  • Increased the amount of Aquamarines and Mystical Driftwood received from fishing (roughly 2x)
  • Made Supreme Tacklebox a little easier to craft and augment
  • Made Ocean's Embrace a little harder to craft


  • Added more logging into disconnections to back-end
  • Fixed the background image of item links in chat
v0.10.1 - Fishing balancing and additions + other stuff
18 November 2021 v0.10.1 Fishing balancing and additions + other stuff

New assets (thanks to IdleOnion and silent!!!)

  • Nightcrawler updated
  • Glowbug updated
  • Tentacle meat + bait updated
  • Aquamarine
  • Changed the icon of Buy Full Health buttom in equipment menu
  • Changed the image of Scroll of Efficiency
  • New item: Mystical Driftwood

Used in making supreme and ocean's embrace to delineate between the mid and high tier tackleboxes


  • Added some fishing rares to the lootlog color filters
  • Vendor prices changed or fixed for lots of fishing items
  • Added a new book that might reveal some hidden mechanics
  • Bait preservation chances are now shown in the definitely not cluttered fishing UI
  • Drift Wood -> Driftwood and given heat values

Balance changes

  • Ocean's Embrace buffed to actually be better than mid-tier supremes (OE has a set effect now too, Legendary Angler vs. current Master Fisherman)
  • Nerfed xp of fish, most are 25-50% lower xp per catch
  • Base ancient rates have been lowered slightly (but it's made up for with hidden mechanics cough cough)
  • Oil spill strength per level upped from 5% to 7.5% (now supreme = 37.5%, OE = 60%, food = 15%)
  • Base search time has been increased by 0.5x
  • Deadliest Catch and Fishing Magnetism have had new effects added to them-
  • DC now increases chance to get rarer fish
  • FM now increases chance to get rarer nodes
  • Fishing hat aquamarine aug cost is lower

Bug fixes

  • Deadliest catch works as intended, finally
  • A ton of annoying little bugs that were missed that should hopefully not be too noticeable but bring fishing more inline with intentions
  • Fixed ancient treasure linking to chat
  • Fixed a server-wide crash caused by group combat

We will be releasing rarity breakpoints for nodes/resources in a couple weeks once everything has been found

v0.10.0 - Fishing Rework!
11 November 2021 v0.10.0 Fishing Rework!

Today's patch notes offered by Nick the Fisherman (not Combatman anymore):

Fishing Rework! Making fishing not bad^tm

First off, fishing levels WILL be reset for MAINSCAPE with your current XP going to fishing mastery. Ironman levels will NOT be affected.

Lots of new fishable items, 22 to be exact!

  • 10 fish
  • 4 materials
  • 7 global fishing drops
  • 7 new enchants and their scrolls, 6 for tacklebox, 1 for ladles???
  • A new tool type, the tacklebox! Comes in 6 tiers, bronze through runite then jumps to legendary.
  • 3 new equipment items, the first gathering set! Wear them all to get a not-so-small set bonus! (Yes, they're tradeable)
  • 10 non-mandatory fishing baits with unique effects!
  • Low and mid tier bait are sourced from the shop (replaces feathers), low tier mining and foraging zones, and low level combat.
  • High tier baits are mostly crafted in small batches but have huge bonuses.

To use the baits simply add them to the new tacklebox inventory which is now visible on the fishing page.


Hopefully the bugs in this bait are the only bugs for this update, but I doubt it!

Fishing stats have been revamped, no longer is fishing just "lmao put on fishing enchant and done"

Look at the picture to see the actual in-game info page!


Ancient Treasures AKA Cooler Sunken Treasures

Scholar enchant now only works on mastery experience, so after hitting level 99 in that skill

The first legendary gathering tool:

  • Ocean's Embrace, a level 80 fishing tool that is untradeable but has an 100% augment chance

Fishing locations have had a major revamp; Still Lake and Open Ocean are now level 50 and 65, respectively, and there is now a new level 85 zone, Stormy Seas.

Within each location is a set of "nodes" which are groups of resources. Right now there are 23 nodes, some with specific stat requirements to access. Can you find them all?


Yes, Stormy Seas is a dangerous location.


Last but not least, Lofi Beats to Fish in Idlescape To:

Remember, INFO is watching. :)

v0.9.6 - Crafting UI Changes + QoL + Bug Fixes (Stuff)
28 October 2021 v0.9.6 Crafting UI Changes + QoL + Bug Fixes (Stuff)
  • Update notification will now only appear every 5 minutes, and every minute at and below 3 minutes
  • Added tooltip texts to some cooking ingredients (thanks Ot_to and mods!)
  • Hopefully fixed white screen issues with group combat, and replaced it with more user-friendly error (probably empty group tab, please report bug reports on these when it happens!)
  • Made the default background color of the page black, so no flashing whitescreen if it takes a bit longer to load the background image
  • Fixed Diamond Star icon rendering correctly
  • Fixed Signet Ring augmentation stats to be correct (as they were in backend)
  • Buffed RISE OF INFO dungeon
  • Fixed Sick debuff
  • Fertilizer effectiveness increased from 10% to 30%
  • Fertilizer will now do a single roll; either all your fertilized crops will skip a farming stage or none of them. This will help your crops to stay in sync. Major reduction to OCD
  • Fixed hitsplashes and attack timer for Shrimp fight
  • Changed the Crafting UI to be more user friendly (thanks Kugan!)
v0.9.5 - Bug fixes + QoL + Other stuff
8 October 2021 v0.9.5 Bug fixes + QoL + Other stuff
  • Fixed multiple backend issues and bugs. Also added a bunch more logging to backend to deal with different issues. Hopefully these fixed the server instability or gives us more information about the issue.
  • Market cleaner is once again enabled. Every listing will be returned to the player's inventory after it has been listed for 30 days. So some of your listings might go into your inventory immediately after update.
  • Better performance in marketplace view in browser
  • Added an API to market, which will give you all the market data in a single request. The endpoint to the API is GET request to /api/market/manifest. The manifest will not contain the real-time prices, it updates every 10 minutes and contains the previous data. So basically it will contain the prices of items how they were 10-19 minutes ago.
  • After two long years, the option to finally recover your password is available in the login interface
  • Added an option in equipment tab to buy missing health using gold. This will instantly restore you to maximum health, but costing 1,000 gold per health healed.
  • Added two new combat items into the game
  • Removed all fragment drops from all dungeons (like it has been for Giant's Keep)
  • Contributions message only appears if drop notifications are on
  • Some changes into what drops get a server-wide message and also what augment levels give server-wide announcement
  • Updated a bunch of scroll assets (Thank you silent!)
  • Added 4 more chat icons into the game. These icons will be awarded to community members, generally by just being a good person, so no real requirements. Not yet sure on the process how to deal with it, but at least they are now in the game

...probably other stuff which I have forgotten about, but these should be the majority of it

v0.9.4 - Minor changes
8 September 2021 v0.9.4 Minor changes

A small update to fix some bugs and other stuff

  • Made every fragment, key and key piece tradeable
  • Lowered the stats of Chaos Giant and Chaotic Abomination a lot to allow for better idle in in Chaos Wastes
  • Removed 9 first encounters in Giant's Keep to make the overall dungeon take less time, thus requiring less active time to run dungeons
  • Thanks to the community, a lot of the enchantment descriptions got changed to better describe what they do
  • Chaos Rend ability from Elite Chaos Giant can now only target a player once. It is no longer possible for it to one shot you from full HP
  • Fixed being thrown into combat screen when mining in Deep Pit or Living Forest
  • Removed the temporary balancing Giant King's Jewel -> Shapeless Scythe recipe
  • Added Shapeless Scroll to satchel's loot table
  • Fixed dungeon stat printing in chat after finishing a dungeon
v0.9.3 - Balancing changes
3 September 2021 v0.9.3 Balancing changes
  • Significantly increased the drop chance of Giant King's Jewel from Giant's Keep
  • Significantly decreased the drop chance of Shapeless Scythe from Giant's Keep
  • Due to these quite major changes on rare loot distribution, there is a TEMPORARY crafting recipe 6 Jewels -> 1 Scythe. This recipe will get removed on 8 September.
  • Removed Giant's Keep Fragment conversion recipes
  • Made Giant's Keep Fragments tradeable and the key itself untradeable
  • Increased essence required to craft Giant's Keep Key
  • Decreased the amount of Giant Scraps needed to craft Giant King's Jewel from 300 to 250
  • Removed the crafting recipe to convert Shapeless Scythe into Giant King's Jewel
  • Added other resources to craft Torn Goblin Settlement Map and Dark Fortress Key
  • Removed elite scrolls from all elites
  • Chaos Fragments are now 20% more common
  • Corrupted Fragments are now 20% more common
  • Other Giant Keep's Fragments are 5% more common
  • Group Looting: First extra roll goes to the group leader. Then sorted by score
  • Goblin Dungeon and Dark Fortress got their drop tables overhauled
  • One new elite challenge ;)
  • Updated the asset of Scroll of Chances (thanks Sponsorn!)
v0.9.2 - Minor patch - Bug fixes, reduced BKGH drop rate
31 August 2021 v0.9.2 Minor patch - Bug fixes, reduced BKGH drop rate in Dark Fortress

Minor stuff, mostly bug fixes regarding server instability.

  • Reduced drop rate of Black Knight's Great Helm from Black Knight Dungeon
  • Removed rare loot announcement from Naga's Bracelet
  • Removed text from Shapeless Scythe, saying that you would get 2 Giant King's Jewels from it. The correct amount is 1
  • Added data tracking for dungeons, in preparation for time-based hiscore in Dungeon runs
  • Fixed Ancient Nature Amulets and Ancient Fire Amulets. There were some broken versions without an enchant once obtained. These have now been fixed into the correct versions of that item. Amulets with changed/added enchants weren't touched/reverted.
  • Added more backend magic to support future combat content
  • If the group leader changes, everyone should get unreadied.
  • Fixes to eating
v0.9.1 - Minor patch - Bug fixes and QoL
23 August 2021 v0.9.1 Minor patch - Bug fixes and QoL

Balance and Item Changes:

  • Fixed Dark Fortress encounter length- the finals fights are now accessible! This makes it fairly harder.
  • Reduced rarity of Giant King's Jewel.
  • Increased offense of Black Knight's Gauntlets while reducing its defense.
  • Tweaks to certain crafting recipes and augmentation requirements.
  • A couple books were added.
  • An easter egg was added... but where? :)

(Possible) Bug Fixes:

  • Major optimizations to looting.
  • Idling after being defeated.
  • Reworked how the backend handles healing to resolve existing edge cases. Probably introduced new edge cases. We'll find out!
  • Optimizations to host and client networking handling as well as more error checking, may or may not reduce instances of crashing.
  • Resolved several cases where enchants weren't being counted properly during combat or desync of buffs/enchants.
  • Resolved several cases of group combat spam.


  • Moved a handful of activity messages to group if in group combat, i.e. player defeated, rare loot, etc.
  • Made the backend smart enough to hopefully know if your key got ate after a DC.
  • "Aspect" enchants now read the correct enchantment strength on tooltip, though they still do nothing except be cosmetic.
  • Added support for books dropping from new sources. Interesting.
  • Added options to "Promote" and "Kick" players in group if you are the group leader
v0.9.0 - Combat 2.0 Phase 1, Group Combat, New Zones
18 August 2021 v0.9.0 Combat 2.0 Phase 1, Group Combat, New Zones

- Group Combat -

  • Join other players in combat to fight in new zones and dungeons.
  • Loot is distributed based on player slots; each player slot is one more roll for loot.
  • If a dungeon has 5 player slots and a monster is killed, it will drop 5 different instances of loot that are then distributed first to all players then in order of score.
  • For example, if 3 players kill a monster in a 5 person dungeon, all 3 will receive their slot's rolls, then the remaining 2 rolls will go to the top and second top scoring players, meaning the top and second top players get double drops whereas the lowest scoring player only gets normal drops.
  • Score formula will stay hidden for now, but it will take your participation level and your impact in the fight into account. Later on with abilities, healing etc. it will get more complicated.
  • You will only be able to party up with players from the same league. So you cannot be in same party with Ironmen players, if you are Default league character.

- Combat Mechanics -

  • Two "new" combat styles are available for the player to face, magic and range.
  • Abilities have been added to combat that can change how combat flows, such as modifying attack damage, speed, or even applying buffs/debuffs.
  • Added different hit splashes for each damage type
  • Players will get access to these (abilities, new combat styles) once Combat 2.0 Phase 2 releases. Some monsters have access to these in this patch.

- New Zone and Dungeons -

  • Yes, they all have *at least one* unique drop.
  • Chaos Wastes: Free to enter; post-Valley of Giants zone designed for two players.
  • Goblin Village: Requires a consumable key; a lower level dungeon for 3 players
  • Black Knight's Fortress: Requires a consumable key; a mid level dungeon for 3 players
  • Giant's Keep: Requires a consumable key; a high level dungeon for 5 players
  • Keys come from thematically intuitive sources.

NOTE: Due to technical limitations (and not wanting to postpone the update for 1 month+ to fix it), you WILL LEAVE the group if you disconnect/refresh the game. You won't be able to join the party again if they are still in combat. So DO NOT refresh or change devices during party combat, as it will make you leave the party. We have a solution in mind for this to fix the issue, but as mentioned, it will take some time to implement.

- New Enemies -

  • Yes :)

- New Items -

  • Many :)

- UI -

  • UI adjustments and background changes to various elements
  • Social Tab added where Hiscore was, contains Group, Friends, Blocked, and Hiscore tabs
  • Some of the features in there are still WIP, these will be implemented after this update. Didn't have the time to fit them in this update.
  • Combat UI is completely changed, characters make up a much larger focus
  • Group combat UI hides the inventory to allow all players to be visible during combat
Stats, equipment, combat inventory, style selection are now toggleable panels

- Settings -

  • Auto Eat now has a threshold you can select. Putting it to 0/Default is the same as the current threshold is, if you don't want to play with it.
  • Force Full Health and Full Inventory may be enabled to make sure a player doesn't forget to heal or grab food before a dungeon
  • Setting added to control who are able to send you party invites
  • Setting to remain anonymous on the monthly community data releases

- Other Changes -

  • Changes to "Crafting" enchant:
From: Add all material costs and then reduce the cost due to the crafting enchant
To: Reduce the cost due to the crafting enchant, round up, and then add together.
Why: To prevent gaining "free" items. There will be more and more rare/unique crafting recipes where you require one or only a few of the resource to craft something, and this is something we wanted to prevent due to balancing reasons.
Before: Cost of making 9 Sapphire Necklaces: 396 Gold Bars, 8 Sapphires and 8 Gold Necklaces
Now: Cost of making 9 Sapphire Necklaces 396 Gold Bars, 9 Sapphires and 9 Gold Necklaces
  • Increased all crafting experience received by approximately 20% across the board
  • Bunch of flavor texts added to various old and new items
  • Only showing public channels with messages within the last week
  • Fixed a bug of using commands in whisper causing a undefined tab to appear
  • Added support for monster dialogues in combat
  • Fixed the unfound image in /whois if equipping Naga's Bracelet
  • Added number formatting to offline progression messages
  • Added vendor values to all enchants, so those can be sold to NPC (if you want to)
  • Added a mod-configurable slowmode to trade chat to prevent flooding of messages
v0.8.12 - Achievement Backend + Minor QoL
30 July 2021 v0.8.12 Achievement Backend + Minor QoL

So today's update was purely for the preparation for the upcoming Achievement update. All the data tracking required by it is now in the game, and this will allow us to fix the bugs related to that and also stress test the server, as it adds A LOT of extra load on the database server.

There were also a few other things which came together with it, by accident:

  • Able to link your full equipment in chat
  • Able to link your trade listings in Trade chat
  • Idlescape's icon will have a red circle under it, if you are tabbed out and receive a PM or you are tagges
  • You can now also tag "@mod,@mods,@moderator,@moderators" in the chat to get the attention of mods. Do not abuse this! People tagging moderators without a cause will be punished with a mute, if it is malicious
  • Probably some other stuff too which I forgot already
v0.8.11 - Bug fixes + other stuff
28 April 2021 V0.8.11 Bug fixes + other stuff
  • Added backend support for chat mods and lead mod.
  • Added treasure hunter icon overlay to Deep Pit and Living Forest if you have the elite challenge completed
  • Put "Run Away" button in combat in front of the monster
  • Mastery level 1 is needed now for the level number to glow
  • Disabled augment button if required resources are not found
  • Can only start elite encounters if you have full inventory of food.
  • Prevented cancelling auctions if market is disabled
  • Fixed bug with augmenting, causing the button to stay disabled
  • Fixed snowball message
  • Fixed Mastery Levels in linking skills not showing correctly
v0.8.10 - Elite Challenge Changes + Linking Opened Chests
21 April 2021 v0.8.10 Elite Challenge Changes + Linking Opened Chests

Elite Challenges: Iteration 2, Electric Boogaloo

Big thanks to everyone for the feedback on the first iteration, we think we've cooked up something that'll be a little bit more engaging. Permanent TH buffs are awarded based on personal bests. For example, if you beat the Giants challenge at aug level 3 you get a permanent +3 TH in the Valley. This stacks with equipment TH, so if you have +6 TH then you'd end up with TH 9. Doing two level 3 aug challenge scrolls only results in +3 TH as it's based on personal best.

  • Scrolls now have stat and loot scaling multipliers! Every scroll aug will result in a stat multiplier of 1.1^level and +10% loot count. This loot multiplier is inherently different from TH, TH affects which items drop, loot multiplier affects how much of that item drop (this also affects rare uniques, like giant drops)!
  • Drop rates have been altered, most things are more common to varying degrees and are more likely to drop in a greater number.
  • One new elite challenge: the Taproot Scroll. Wonder where that drops?
  • New scroll assets that are definitely not just Nick's recolors

Some other changes include:

  • Updated Treasure Hunter tooltip
  • Updated Nimble tooltip and gave it a considerable buff.
  • Able to link your opened chests (geodes, sunken treasures, bird's nests). When you open a chest, you will receive a popup and there will be a button to link it to chat
  • A popup for item transformation in augmenting
  • Transformed items will be taken out of the slot automagically
  • Added augmentation amount when linking items in chat
v0.8.9 - Linking Skills + End of Easter Event
11 April 2021 v0.8.9 Linking Skills + End of Easter Event
  • Added the ability to CTRL/CMD click your skills to link them in chat, like it is with items
  • Added icons for item links
  • Removed all stuff related to this year's Easter Event
v0.8.8 - Event Shop + Easter Hunt + Elite Challenges + QoL
4 April 2021 v0.8.8 Event Shop + Easter Hunt + Elite Challenges + QoL

Heyhey Idlescapers and Happy Easter! Today we have somewhat larger update to introduce to you, which adds some content to the game and more interactivity. Lets get straight to the different features.

Elite Challenges

Elite Challenges are a new feature introduced to some combat areas. Some monsters have a rare chance to drop their Elite Challenge scroll, which will give you access to a much harder monster with better loot. These scrolls are also augmentable, which will increase the encounters in the Challenge and also give you better loot, by giving you higher Treasure Hunter boost on each skill. When you complete the challenge, there will be a server-wide announcement if it was a new record. Default and Ironman characters will compete in their own records. Keep in mind, some of the challenges may be extremely hard, but really rewarding!

Event Shop

In the Event Shop you will be able to spend your Event Tokens on various stuff. Right now they are some items from Christmas Event, and buffs. Those buffs work the exact same way as buffs received from cooking. So if you already have a cooking buff, buying the same kind of buff from the Shop will increase the stacks of that buff. Each purchasable buff will give you 3 stacks of the buff.

Easter Hunt

This year's Easter Event will be quite small, as we wanted to spend our development time on actual permanent content rather than on seasonal events. But even if it is small, I'm glad how it turned out to be :) In this event, you will have to find Easter Codes across the whole game (and other sites too, but everything is Idlescape related), and then enter those codes into the popup menu. The codes aren't single-use, so everyone will get the chance to use them once they find them. There are a total of 25 codes hidden, and the first three to find the code will have their name announced to the whole server. Entering a correct code will also reward you with 1000 Event Tokens.

Other stuff:
  • Added filtering to Scrollcrafting UI. You will now be able to click what equipment slot you would like to craft a scroll to.
  • Fixed not getting enough cosmic and mind essences when applying enchants to items, when using Enlightenment buff
  • Offline time message in character menu more specific
  • Hopefully fixed some random disconnects
  • Added cape tag to Festive Shroud

-Idlescape Team

v0.8.7 - Event Tokens + other
23 March 2021 v0.8.7 Event Tokens + other

Today the Christmas stuff got finally converted to Event Tokens, yay! If you have questions about the conversion or want to know more, I will include summary of that to the bottom of this post. But now to all the patch notes:

  • Removed Christmas category from crafting
  • Reverted the 72h offline timer back to 12 hours
  • Added a setting to hide /me messages
  • Fixed overflow issue with global buffs
  • Improved moderator tools
  • Fixed being able to block and unblock the same user multiple times, without producing an error message

Some other backend changes, not sure if they were already on server or not :D


So, most of the Christmas resources got deleted from inventories, but the gear and some other stuff still remain and will stay in your inventories. The Snowglobe will be a "trophy" from the event and hopefully give you some flexing chances down the life of Idlescape! Each player were given a rank based on their participation in the event. This was done by looking at the Christmas spirit amount in player's Snowglobes. We first intended to give players more Christmas Spirit when converting/deleting the items, but didn't make much sense anymore 2 months after the end of the event. So decided to stick with only Christmas Spirit and leave it intact. Rank 1 player got 100k tokens, whereas the last ranked player received 10k tokens. The scaling between those amounts were linear. A total of 2227 characters participated in the Event (meaning their Christmas Spirit was more than 0).

The Event Tokens will be used as a currency in the future Event Shop update. Every new event will have items put to the shop after the event's end, and will be removed from there after some period. It will usually contain some event-specific stuff, but might also include different buffs etc. you can buy for yourself. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me! -Boohi

v0.8.6 - Bug fixes + QoL stuff
7 March 2021 v0.8.6 Bug fixes + QoL stuff

Today's update was brought to you by Kugan 100% :)

  • Fixed not being able to send too long feedback forms
  • Fixed cooked food going into two different stacks
  • Fixed mod powers not working correctly in player-created chat rooms
  • Prevented donations which are under $3
  • Fixed combat death animation
  • Added /rules and /forum command, and also added missing commands to /help command
  • Better rounding for Gold and Heat
  • Added link to Forums to the side menu bar
  • Added volume slider to sound notifications
  • Fixed shrine timers
  • Fixed whispers in rare cases going to other people

There will be another update tomorrow or the day after to prepare for the server transition happening this weekend, probably Sunday. Will give you all the proper date and time when this update launches, so either tomorrow or the day after.

v0.8.5 - Corrupted Lands buff + QoL stuff
10 February 2021 v0.8.5 Corrupted Lands buff + QoL stuff
  • Naga's Bracelet is now tradeable. The Corrupted Ring still remains untradeable.
  • Buffed Corrupted Land's loot table considerably
  • Made Naga's Bracelet more common
  • If idling, you will receive 2x the amount of air essence
  • Confirmation dialog added to when eating food from inventory
  • Made the text color of enchants a little bit brighter
  • Buff hover tooltip no longer under monster's name in combat
  • Gold and Heat now have two decimals showing in inventory
  • Changed Death Rune cost of augmenting Chorus of Souls from 1000 to 200
  • New command /maxed, which shows at what date you got max total, if you are maxed. This is not accurate for old players, as the system was a little buggy for some time
  • Disabled augmenting button while augmenting is still happening
  • Improved /wiki command. Now you can search with keyword directly, for example typing "/wiki copper ore" will take you to copper ore's page
  • Added link to forums in nav drawer
  • Added /discord, /wiki, /guide help commands into /help
  • Implemented account-wide bans, which will restrict your access to Idlescape completely
  • Reworked /whois command to show player profiles. This now shows player's gear and levels in much prettier format
  • Added new alias /inspect to /whois command
  • Fixed scrollcrafting and runecrafting client timers not taking global haste buff into account
  • Added descriptions to talismans and runes
v0.8.4.1 - Minor updates + bugfixes
6 February 2021 v0.8.4.1 Minor updates + bugfixes
  • Removed Christmas event specific descriptions from items
  • Removed Christmas stat from Chorus of Souls
  • Fixed Guest accounts not working properly
  • Mac users can now link items by holding down the CMD key and clicking an item
  • Fixed overflow in book dialogs
  • Fixed mastery levels of 1 not showing in /whois
  • Talisman and rare loot announcements to correct channel (General or Ironman General)
  • Sound notifications now take blocklist into account
v0.8.4 - New Combat Zone + Guest Login
3 February 2021 v0.8.4.0 New Combat Zone + Guest Login
  • New Combat Zone: Corrupted Lands
    • Chorus of Souls + three new items introduced
  • Fixed client crashing in some occasions
  • Added message highlighting if you are tagged in chat, for example "@boohi"
  • Added sound notifications for mentions and whispers. You can enable these from the settings. By default they are disabled.
  • Added option to enable 2FA to your account. (ENABLE IT!)
  • Added the option to log in as a guest, where you don't have to choose a username or password. Guest accounts can claim their account from top-left, clicking the "unclaimed" red text
  • Decreased the drop chance of runes from ALL giants
  • Decreased the drop chance of fish from Ice Giants
v0.8.3.x - Bug fixes
22 January 2021 v0.8.3.x Bug fixes
  • Nimble and Demon Skin buffs are no longer cleared when refreshing
  • Added correct pluralization to consuming talisman message
  • Fixed minor spelling errors
  • Market uses same augmenting colors as tooltips
  • Fixed Wealth enchant not working with foraging
  • Fixed Adamantite Full Helm crafting experience from 8240 to 8000
  • Fixed Chaos Essence not being gained on missed hits
  • Fixed global buffs affecting hits not working with combat
  • Fixed chests and drops somertimes awarding too many items
  • Removed default character's max total level message from Ironman chat
v0.8.3 - Christmas Event drop rate increases + other
10 January v0.8.3 Christmas Event drop rate increases + other
  • Boosted Christmas resource gains by around 4x
  • Buffed Chorus of Souls and Magical Snowball christmas stats from 50 to 60
  • Fixed overhealing working in Santa's Workshop
  • Added tooltips to Chorus of Souls, Magical Snowballs and Candy Cane Daggers describing that enchants does not work in Santa's Workshop
  • Fixed issue with consuming multiple talismans at once not giving the right amount of essence
  • Fixed Force enchant overwriting stats on items
  • Prevented players from buying their own offers in marketplace
  • Your current action is now shown first in title, followed by - Idlescape
  • Activity log format when receiving loot now in line with other log messages
  • Capitalized all monster names
v0.8.2 - Christmas Event additions + other
8 January 2021 v0.8.2 Christmas Event additions + other


This update brings four new items to the game, which can all be attained from monsters in Santa's Workshop. Those items can be used in Santa's Workshop also and also can be augmented to increase your Christmas stat. They also have an use outside of the zone too. Happy Hunting!

Other stuff:

  • Buffed Infernal Lance's strength from 130 to 145
  • Changed obsidian gear announcement threshold to +16
  • Removed unnecessary cursor pointer when hovering over heat
  • Ability to link negative amounts if items
  • Fixed Gummy Lake not using up Sugar as bait
  • Added the possibility to remove people from Hiscores
  • Changed the Christmas Zone areas to bottom of areas, to not confuse new players so much
  • Added disclaimer to Christmas Zones that they are dangerous and event only
  • Ironmen now will receive their rare loot messages in their own chat
v0.8.1 - Bug fixes and new assets
6 January 2021 v0.8.1 Bug fixes and new assets

The past few weeks we have been battling with problems in offline progression. Most of it is fixed, but this update should contain the last piece of it. Hopefully.

  • Fixed bug of mysterious seeds not yielding anything
  • Fixed bugs related to offline progression
  • Fixed bug of scrollcrafting continuing even if not having enough resources
  • Renamed Rat to Small Rat
  • New assets for Small Rat, Goblin, Cow and Chicken
  • Added versioning to header


v0.8 - IRONMAN
11 December 2020 v0.8 IRONMAN


Today is the day what most of you have been waiting for; Ironman mode for Idlescape!

Creating an Ironman character will disable your access to the marketplace and also Shrine is disabled, so you won't get the benefits of that either. Also the upcoming player trading will be disabled, and when party combat comes, Ironmen can only party up with other ironmen.

Together with the update you can make multiple characters on a single account, which is right now capped to maximum of two. So you can create one Default character and one Ironman. This limit is only temporary.

We also released Idlescape its own forum's today, which you can find here: Will be posting there more in the future, and also add development updates and patch notes.

Now to the patch notes:

  • New League mode, can be selected upon character creation
  • Denied access to any player-to-player interaction except donation exp boosts and chat
  • Will have their own Hiscores
  • "World first" server-wide messages for people who achieve those milestones first
  • New character creation interface
  • You can login to both your Default and Ironmen character at the same time on different tabs. No need for incognito or other tricks
  • Ironmen only chat
  • Ironmen's total level in chat is gray
Loot changes
  • Added Branch drops to Chickens
  • Added Silver to Goblins
  • Added Rune Slates to Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Imps
  • Added Coal to Imps
  • Added Rune Slates to Mysterious Seeds
  • Boosted Mysterious Seed drop chance from low level combat areas by ~50%
Other changes:
  • Cooking timer is now in much more readable format
  • New icons for essences
  • Added your current action on the browser tab title
  • Max button in shop and marketplace now takes your own gold into account, and sets the max to that if you don't have enough gold
  • Total time and amount of scrolls is now shown when crafting scrolls
  • Added descriptive info box on scrollcrafting screen
  • Added "Cost per stack" column in marketplace when shopping for food

I might have missed a few things, but this should be the most important stuff. Happy racing on Ironmen Hiscores! :)

-Idlescape Team

v0.7.0.8 - Marketplace Sorting and Filter
1 December 2020 v0.7.0.8 Marketplace Sorting and Filter

Hey! Another small update this time, but again, had to get this out this quickly to fix mutes being applied properly.

  • Fixed mutes not working
  • Added sorting to marketplace. You can now sort by item quantity or price
  • Added searchbar to marketplace, which allows you to search for specific enchant
  • Made offline gain numbers prettier
  • + Other minor changes to backend

Btw, happy December!

v0.7.0.7 - Bug fixes
27 November 2020 v0.7.0.7 Bug fixes

A smaller update this time, but really had to get this out today already

  • Reduced gold required to hit milestones in shrine by A LOT
  • Commands are no longer case-sensitive
  • Crafting global buff now shows in the UI also
  • Fixed shrine timer
  • Fixed a bug where enchanting scrolls would disappear from their slot if refreshed
  • Fixed fertilizing enchant tooltip texts
  • Some critical backend stuff
v0.7.0.6 - New Database, Stability fixes and some QoL stuff
25 November 2020 v0.7.0.6 New Database, Stability fixes and some QoL stuff


It has been a pretty long time with no updates to the game. I have been working a lot with fixing security issues and also ensuring the stability of the server. With today's update most of the server lags, items disappearing, ping rising etc. should be gone. I also managed to fix a few rare critical bugs which had been in Idlescape since day 1, so that is nice :D. Below is a short summary what happened in this update

  • Server's database got changed to a completely new one
  • Fixed item's position changing in inventory if it starts with an emoji
  • Item tooltip's now appear on top of everything
  • Reworked and brought back offline progress message
  • Fixed a bug where people were unable to login to the game, related to renaming items
  • Added more descriptive timers to mutes and tradebans
  • Fixed "then" to "than" in marketplace sell info window :)))
  • Brought chat history back
  • Fixed marketplace "lag"
  • Brought an old easter egg back
  • Fixed players online and registered players on landing page
  • Fixed a bug of players not disconnecting after being offline 12 hours
  • 10+ stability fixes to backend to ensure the server still functions under high loads

Now that these things are out of the way, next bigger update will be Ironman! Gonna start working on it now :)

P.S. please stop spreading false news or rumors about updates, resets etc. anywhere. It is just frustrating for everyone to handle.


v0.7.0.5 - QoL, Bug fixes, backend changes for Ironman
30 October 2020 v0.7.0.5 Quality of Life, Bug fixes, backend changes for Ironman


This week's update will contain series of different bug fixes, quality of life stuff, and also some structural changes to backend to get ready for Ironman mode. Also the game's security has been massively increased during this and last week.

P.S. Next week will be Idlescape's Official 1st Anniversary! There will be something special happening each day of the week. I will update more on this during the weekend :)

  • Buffed Modified Diving Gloves' attack speed from 2.4s to 2.0s
  • The Efficiency enchant now works to fish oil also when cooking
  • Stygian crafting experience has been almost doubled, to the amount they were supposed to be in previous update
  • Fixed typo of "No loot has been aquired" to "No loot has been acquired"
  • Discord chat message bot now shows the sender of the message (only mods and admins have permission to type in there)
  • Fixed not being able to see discord messages if you had someone blocked
  • Whenever it is your character's birthday (type /age to see) you will have a cake as a chat icon for that day
  • Gathering enchant now has the chance to give triple loot, if the chances go over 100%
  • Made the amount slider in marketplace a little bigger, to show higher numbers
  • Added warning text to enchanting window that the enchants does not stack even if they are in different items
  • Essence amount now turns green if over 10m, and blue if over 1b. Also modified their amount formatting
  • Added the ability to link your essence amount to chat by pressing CTRL and the essence amount in Runecrafting tab
  • Fixed a bug of cooking pot ingredients overflowing, causing other issues in cooking
  • Added /guide command to forward the player to Getting started guide in
  • Added /discord command to forward the player to Idlescape's Discord server
  • Fixed a few bugs causing crashes (thanks Limpeklimpe :D)
  • Fixed the bug that everyone was able to kick players out from General channel
  • Added Black Opals to Guards' and Deadly Red Spiders' drop table
  • Added 3 new items: Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal. These can be received as a reward from various events, for example meme-contest
  • Fixed the ability to buy gloves from game shop without having required levels to do so
And the thing you have all been waiting at least half a year already;
  • Added the setting to hide augment messages from general chat
Don't let the F-game die because of this setting :( We still need to encourage people to blow up their stuff!
v0.7.0.4 - Crafting/Augmenting rebalancing and Ironman preparation
16 October 2020 v0.7.0.4 Crafting/Augmenting rebalancing and Ironman preparation


On this week's update, you will see a lot of changes to crafting and augmenting. Every recipe in crafting was buffed in regards to resources required per experience. I won't be stating every recipe changes, but rough outline is this:

  • Bronze 60% resource decrease
  • Iron 50% resource decrease
  • Mithril 35% resource decrease
  • Adamantite 20% resource decrease
  • Rune 10% resource decrease
  • Augmenting costs were also tuned to mirror changes to crafting recipes.
  • Experience received from crafting received a major buff also. For example, stygian and rune now gives 2x more experience than before, as where bronze is almost the same as it was.

With these changes I hope crafting and augmenting will become more relevant in the early stages of the game, and not stay as end-game content. These changes will also make playing the upcoming Ironmen more appealing.

I also added item's augment level and enchant to be visible on the item's icon. No need to hover over the item anymore to check its enchant or augment level.

Thank you for playing, see you in Idlescape! :)


v0.7.0.3 - QoL stuff
9 October 2020 v0.7.0.3 QoL stuff


It has been a while without any bigger updates. There were some other stuff which had to be dealt with before proceeding with making weekly updates to Idlescape. From now on we should be back on track on weekly updates :)

Today's update will include the following:

  • Changed Ladles augmenting cost from 1000 burnt fish to 600 burnt fish.
  • Superheat and Gathering enchants will now stack. If both of them proc, you will get one ore and one bar.
  • Removed white borders in health bar in combat for Firefox users.
  • Public Channel list will now show how many users are in each channel, and will be sorted with most popular channel on top.
  • Fixed problems with channel commands.
  • Satchels, Sunken Treasures, Geodes and Bird Nests will now show in activity log even if combat drops are toggled off.
  • Reverted resource cost on Hoes back to the normal. Took way longer to fix this than expected xd
  • Marketplace buying and selling popups will now use the same amount slider as items in your inventory.
  • You can now read books from Vault.
  • Slightly buffed Refining enchant.
  • Reduced gold required to hit Shrine milestones

Next week's update will be bigger than this, and will probably affect each player, especially new ones.

Thanks for all the support! <3


v0.7.1 - Series of bug fixes
3 September 2020 v0.7.1 Series of bug fixes


The SQL migration in overall went pretty smoothly. There wasn't that many major bugs and the past few days we have been hammering out all the bugs you guys have reported to us. Here is a list (probably missing a thing or two) what has been fixed so far.

Thank you for playing and keep reporting all the bugs, so we can fix them ASAP! :)

  • You will now receive error messages if trying to log in with wrong credentials.
  • Hovering over your mastery level will not show correct mastery experience
  • Some work done to make hiscores correct. Will have to wait a day or two to fix completely.
  • Mastery hiscores now shows correct experience.
  • Fixed items going to wrong itemstacks when putting to augmenting slot and back
  • You can now access Discord by going to
  • Runecrafting and Smithing action bars now stop if you run out of resources, and wont run one additional time
  • Cooking now shows experience received and food received.
  • Players online counter is now showing correct amount
  • Fixed buffs overlapping if you had both normal and combat buff active
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to farming, and probably introduced a couple more
  • Added explanation to where to verify email when trying to access marketplace with unverified email
  • Fishing tools can now be in your vault also
  • Removed anchored link from chat channel tab.
  • The food you click in your combat inventory will be removed, and not the first slot.
  • Fixed max level message. It will now show if someone gets max total.
  • Fixed /me command