Bronze Hatchet

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Bronze Hatchet
Bronze Hatchet
gold coin800
Level Required-
Aug Bonus+0.5 foraging
Aug Cost4 Bronze Bars
2 Logs

Bronze hatchets are foraging items which hold 1 enchant slot and adds 10 foraging levels when determining your foraging speed.


It is crafted or bought at the marketplace.

Crafting recipe:

2 156

40x Bronze Bars
20x Logs


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of Archaeology Scroll of Archaeology Tacklebox, Fishing Set, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Mining Set, Foraging Set 41 500 50 Earth, Water, Nature Gives access to a secondary drop table while gathering with rewards and chances heavily scaling on enchantment strength. The best finds are only found in the hardest to reach zones!
Scroll of Nature Scroll of Nature Hatchet, Foraging Set 19 300 30 Earth, Water, Nature, Cosmic Access hidden tree nodes and greatly increase your chance to find a tree related node while Foraging.
Scroll of Root Digging Scroll of Root Digging Hatchet, Foraging Set 22 300 30 Earth, Nature, Cosmic Gain a chance to find gems while foraging. Stronger enchantments are stronger chances.
Scroll of Seed Harvesting Scroll of Seed Harvesting Hatchet, Foraging Set 30 400 40 Earth, Blood, Nature Access hidden seed nodes and greatly increase your chance to find a seed related node while Foraging.
Scroll of the Herbalist Scroll of the Herbalist Hatchet, Foraging Set 42 500 50 Fire, Death, Nature Access hidden plant nodes and greatly increase your chance to find a plant related node while Foraging.
Scroll of Embers Scroll of Embers Hatchet, Foraging Set 61 700 70 Fire, Nature Gain a 10% chance to additionally gain the heat from a burnable when gathering it without burning the item.

Augmenting a bronze hatchet provides +0.5 foraging per augmentation and costs 4 bronze bars and 2 logs per attempt.

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