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Mining UI

Mining is a gathering skill that allows players to obtain ore used in Smithing. Mining is also a source of Gems and Salt. Each mining location provides different possible loot, but gems, Geodes and Greater Geodes can be found in every location.


Mining Locations

There are currently a total of 9 Mining Locations available in the game:

Level Name EXP GP Base Time Base XP per Hour Possible Loot
1 Clay Pit 5 1-5 5 Seconds 3,600 Copper Ore Tin Ore Clay Stone Sand Fat Nightcrawler Bait
10 City Outskirts 10 1-20 8 Seconds 4,500 Copper Ore Tin Ore Clay Sand Stone Iron Ore Rune Slate Coal Fat Nightcrawler Bait
20 Village Quarry 15 1-20 8 Seconds 6,750 Stone Iron Ore Coal Fat Nightcrawler Bait
30 Desert Mine 30 1-100 12 Seconds 9,000 Sand Mithril Ore Silver Coal Salt Rune Slate Iron Ore Gold Ore Clay
40 Underground Mine 40 1-100 12 Seconds 12,000 Mithril Ore Gold Ore Silver Rune Slate Salt Stone Iron Ore Coal
45 Slate Spires 50 1-15 13.5 Seconds 13,320 Rune Slate Stone Sand
50 Hidden Mine 60 1-200 15 Seconds 14,400 Adamantite Ore Silver Stone Gold Ore Mithril Ore Runite Ore Rune Slate
60 Volcano Mine 70 1-200 15 Seconds 16,800 Silver Mithril Ore Adamantite Ore Runite Ore Rune Slate Gold Ore
70 Deep Pit [Dangerous] 100 1-1,500 20 Seconds 18,000* Runite Ore Stone Clay Rune Slate Gold Ore Stygian Ore Void Stone
Greater Demon Greater Demon (Deep Pit) - - - - Satchel Cursed Spade Head Violet Ribbons River Vines Monster Tooth Monster Horn Sturdy Horn Bone Shards Intact Wing Rune Slate Air RuneEarth RuneFire RuneWater RuneBlood Rune
Death RuneChaos RuneNature RuneMind RuneCosmic Rune
Ashes Burnt Fish Ichor Dwarven Coins Unknown Rune Demonic Statue Book
Emerald Sapphire Ruby Diamond Black Opal Molten Ashes Infernal Flame Mysterious Seed Armor And Its Weaknesses Demonic Trial

*Time spent in combat is not included.

The Deep Pit is a dangerous location. While mining there, a Greater Demon will occasionally spawn and attack the player. This fight cannot be escaped from, and losing to the Greater Demon will lock the player out of the location for 15 minutes. It is recommended that the player have 50+ in all combat stats and a minimum of at least Adamantite (although Runite is highly recommended) before mining in Deep Pit.

Mining Speed

A player's mining speed for each location is determined based on the following formula:

Gathering Table


Copper Ore Item GP Location(s) Found Highest Yield/Hour
Copper Ore Copper Ore 5 Clay Pit
Tin Ore Tin Ore 5 Clay Pit
Iron Ore Iron Ore 20 Village Quarry
Gold Ore Gold Ore 100 Underground Mine
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore 75 Underground Mine
Adamantite Ore Adamantite Ore 100 Hidden Mine
Runite Ore Runite Ore 200 Deep Pit
Stygian Ore Stygian Ore 500 Deep Pit
Void Stone Void Stone 1,500 Deep Pit

Average Drop Per Hour

These numbers represent the number of each item you get per hour at base time

Copper Tin Iron Gold Mithril Addy Runite Stygian Clay Stone Sand Silver Coal Slate Salt Void Bait
Clay Pit 142.56 142.56 285.12 71.28 106.92 7.128
City Outskirts 133.65 133.65 22.275 89.1 44.55 89.1 22.275 22.275 4.455
Village Quarry 222.75 279 167.4 4.455
Desert Mine 25.47 14.16 56.7 12.735 311.85 56.7 28.29 25.47 28.29
Underground Mine 15 52.5 90 30 37.5 15 45 60
Slate Spires 128.7 128.7 1904
Hidden Mine 24 24 84 12 36 48 24
Volcano Mine 24 48 48 48 48 24
Deep Pit 40.5 54 27 9 9 90 9


Gems are rare rewards received while mining, chance of receiving a gem can be boosted with the Scroll of the Prospector. Gems are used in Crafting and as a material while Augmenting.

Several Monsters drop gems, including Lesser Demons and Deadly Red Spiders . Gems can also be found by opening Chests, using the Scroll of Refining enchantment while smithing or by using the Scroll of Root Digging while Foraging.

When mining, the chance to obtain a gem is based on the base timer of the area. When hunting gems, it therefore doesn't matter which area is used.

Sapphire Item GP Distribution
Sapphire Sapphire 1,000 40%
Emerald Emerald 2,000 30%
Ruby Ruby 5,000 20%
Diamond Diamond 10,000 7%
Black Opal Black Opal 50,000 3%


Stone Item Exp GP Zones Found
Clay Clay 1 1 Clay Pit
City Outskirts
Desert Mine

Deep Pit

Stone Stone 1 1 Clay Pit
City Outskirts
Village Quarry

Slate Spires

Hidden Mine

Deep Pit

Sand Sand 1 1 Clay Pit
City Outskirts
Desert Mine

Slate Spires

Silver Silver 25 100 Desert Mine
Underground Mine
Hidden Mine
Volcano Mine
Coal Coal 10 20 City Outskirts
Village Quarry
Desert Mine
Underground Mine
Rune Slate Rune Slate 10 15 City Outskirts

Desert Mine
Underground Mine
Slate Spires

Hidden Mine
Volcano Mine
Deep Pit

Salt Salt 10 10 Desert Mine
Underground Mine


Equipment that can used to support mining outside of enchantments.

Stygian Pickaxe Item Requirement Source Effect Augmenting Bonus Enchantment Slots
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe - Crafting 10 Mining Level +0.5 Mining Level 1
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 10 Mining Crafting 20 Mining Level +1 Mining Level 2
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril Pickaxe 30 Mining Crafting 30 Mining Level +1.5 Mining Level 3
Adamantite Pickaxe Adamantite Pickaxe 40 Mining Crafting 40 Mining Level +2 Mining Level 4
Runite Pickaxe Runite Pickaxe 50 Mining Crafting 50 Mining Level +2.5 Mining Level 5
Stygian Pickaxe Stygian Pickaxe 60 Mining Crafting 60 Mining Level +3 Mining Level 6
Dwarven Rocksmasher Dwarven Rocksmasher 80 Mining Crafting 90 Mining Level +5 Mining Level 8


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of Naturalist Scroll of Naturalist Gloves, Boots 49 600 60 Air, Water, Nature, Cosmic Increase your chance to gain chests as well as convert standard chests to their greater variants while gathering by 20%.
Scroll of Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Gloves, Boots 58 700 60 Nature, Mind Gain a 20% chance to not consume a buff stack (resulting in 25% more uses from a buff on average).
Scroll of Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Gloves, Boots 73 900 70 Air, Water, Chaos, Mind Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.
Scroll of Gathering Scroll of Gathering Ring, Necklace 64 800 70 Earth, Fire, Water, Mind, Cosmic Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource while gathering. There is a 15% chance that a nature rune is consumed when it procs. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind, Cosmic Automatically sells gathering and production items for 20% of their vendor price. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Scholar.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1300 110 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases experience gained from gathering and production by 20% but destroys the item in process. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Wealth. Only active for mastery experience, when a skill is at level 99.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 2000 200 Air, Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases non-combat action speed by 4%. Caps at halving action time. Stacks with Empowered Haste.
Scroll of Archaeology Scroll of Archaeology Tacklebox, Fishing Set, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Mining Set, Foraging Set 41 500 50 Earth, Water, Nature Gives access to a secondary drop table while gathering with rewards and chances heavily scaling on enchantment strength. The best finds are only found in the hardest to reach zones!
Scroll of Destructive Testing Scroll of Destructive Testing Pickaxe, Mining Set 16 200 30 Earth, Fire, Chaos, Mind Sand, Stone and Clay mined will be destroyed and provide 5 mining experience per piece. Scholar rolls first and does not stack.
Scroll of the Prospector Scroll of the Prospector Pickaxe, Mining Set 25 300 40 Air, Fire, Cosmic Increase your chance to find gems or silver while gathering by 50%. Has a 10% chance to consume an earth rune on success. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Supercooling Scroll of Supercooling Pickaxe, Mining Set 75 900 80 Earth, Water, Cosmic Items with lower heat costs to process have an increased chance to be gathered. Has a 1% chance to consume a water rune every mining action. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Superheating Scroll of Superheating Pickaxe, Mining Set 76 900 80 Earth, Fire, Cosmic Items with higher heat costs to process have an increased chance to be gathered. Has a 1% chance to consume a fire rune every mining action. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Dwarven Engineering Scroll of Dwarven Engineering Pickaxe, Mining Set 83 1000 90 Air, Nature, Mind Gives a 0.20% chance to massively boost amount gathered.