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DescriptionAutomatically sell resources for 20% more gold than their normal value.
Scroll of Wealth
SlotRing (6)
Necklace (6)
Rune Amount50
Rune TypeNature, Mind, Cosmic

Wealth automatically sells items gained from non-combat actions for 20% more than its gold value.


Wealth is commonly used with Scholar as both gold and experience is gained from the destroyed item.

Extra items gained from some enchantments are destroyed without being sold.[?]

Enchantment Synergy
Enchantment Destroyed Gained
Scholar Items Experience, gold
Gathering Extra drops Extra gold[?]
Shrimp Lord - Raw Shrimp, Shrimp Bauble
Efficiency Cooking Extra food Extra gold[?], Fish Oil
Efficiency Smithing - Extra bars
Superheating Ore Bars, gold
Destructive Testing Stone, Clay, Sand 5 Experience, gold
Nature - Extra logs, branches
Embers Branches, Logs Heat, gold[?]

A common mistake players make is when forgetting to remove wealth when scrollcrafting.

There are several exceptions to wealth such as not working with Runecrafting.

Action Sold Not Sold
Mining, Foraging, Fishing Regular drops Chests, Gems
Smithing Bars Gems
Cooking Food Fish Oil, Burnt Food, Burnt Fish
Enchanting Scrollcrafting Enchantment Scrolls
Enchanting is not an action
Augmenting is not an action
Farming is not an action
Crafting is not an action
Runecrafting is not included
Combat is not included


When using wealth, make sure that .

For example, when wealthing runite bars, the vendor price is 9,000, and the market price is 10,000, then with Wealth 5, you would gain 18,000 from each bar. When wealthing Clay Pit, however, the vendor value of clay is 1, while the market value is 200.


Different equipment with the same enchantment do not stack and only the higher applies.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Rune 1 Rune 2 Rune 3 Effect
Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature 50 Mind 50 Cosmic Automatically sell resources for 20% more gold than their normal vendor value.