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Enchantments also known as buffs usually if temporary, are powerful special effects that can enhance or change the mechanics of a skill. The majority of enchantments can be obtained through enchanting equipment slots with scrolls made through scrollcrafting.

Other sources are food cooked with certain ingredients, the weekly shrine buff (not for ironman), and equipment which are found with default or hidden enchantments.


Shrine of Toucan UI
Shrine of Toucan UI

The Shrine of Toucan is a weekly event to appease Le Toucan. It will provide a global buff for a minimum of 12 hours, based on the gold donation milestones reached. The buff is applied and the milestones are renewed every Friday at 15:00 (3PM) UTC. The shrine can be accessed from the navigation menu, under the Commerce section.

The Shrine of Toucan can roll for a maximum of three different buffs.

If a combat buff is rolled, all possible subsequent rolls will also be combat buffs.

List of Enchantments

Food cooked with these ingredient will have a temporary +2 buff of the corresponding enchantment. Eating the ingredient on its own will not give the buff. See cooking for more information.

Some of these Shrine buffs may have been removed from circulation.

General Enchantments

Apart from a few general enchantments; Intuition, Enlightenment, Prolonging; these do not affect combat.

Enchantment Scroll Food Shrine Other Skill Description
Chances Chances Scroll of Chances Yes Augmenting Increased chance of augmentation by 1%.
Cooking (Enchantment) Cooking (Enchantment) Scroll of Cooking Salt Yes Cooking Decreases chance to burn food while cooking by 4%.
Cultivation Cultivation Scroll of Cultivation Yes Farming Gain a 1% chance to get your seed back when harvesting.
Efficiency Efficiency Scroll of Efficiency Sugar Yes Cooking, Smithing Gain a 1% chance to produce an extra item during cooking and smithing.
Embers Embers Scroll of Embers No Foraging Gain a 10% chance to instantly burn Logs and Branches for double heat every foraging action.
Destructive Testing Destructive Testing Scroll of Destructive Testing No Mining Sand, Stone and Clay mined will be destroyed and provide 5 mining experience per piece.
Enlightenment Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Yes All Skills Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.
Farming (Enchantment) Farming (Enchantment) Scroll of Farming Yes Farming Gain a 1% chance to get double yield when harvesting.
Fertilizing Fertilizing Scroll of Fertilizing Yes Farming Gain 1% increased harvest speed.
Fishing (Enchantment) Fishing (Enchantment) Scroll of Fishing Honey Yes Fishing Increase fish catch chance by 2.5%.
Gathering Gathering Scroll of Gathering Banana Yes Gathering Skills Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource.
Gold Digger Gold Digger Scroll of the Gold Digger Yes Farming Gain a fixed 10% chance per harvested plant to get 1000 Gold Coins.
Haste Haste Scroll of Haste Yes Non-Combat Skills Increases non-combat action speed by 4%.
Inferno Inferno Scroll of Inferno Pepper Yes Smithing Gain a 5% chance per smithing action to complete another smithing action.
Intuition Intuition Sageberry Yes All Skills Gain 5% increased experience while doing most things.
Naturalist Naturalist Scroll of Naturalist Yes Gathering Skills Increase your chance to gain chests while gathering by 20%.
Nature Nature Scroll of Nature Mushroom Yes Foraging Gain a 5% chance to generate a random log or branch every foraging action.
Prolonging Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Yes Consumables Gain 10% more buff stacks from consumables.
Prospecting Prospecting Scroll of the Prospector Yes Mining Increase your chance to find gems by a mysterious amount.
Pyromancy Pyromancy Scroll of Pyromancy Ashes No Cooking, Smithing Use 10% less heat when cooking and smithing.
Refining Refining Scroll of Refining Yes Smithing Gain a chance to find gems while smithing.
Root Digging Root Digging Scroll of Root Digging Yes Foraging Gain a chance to find gems while foraging.
Runecrafting (Enchantment) Runecrafting (Enchantment) Scroll of Runecrafting Goblin Brain Yes Runecrafting Reduces essences used in runecrafting by 5%.
Scholar Scholar Scroll of the Scholar No Non-Combat Skills Gain 20% more experience, but NO items.
Only works on Mastery experience.
Shrimp Lord Shrimp Lord Scroll of the Shrimp Lord Raw Shrimp Yes Cooking Gain 5% chance per cooking action to gain one Raw Shrimp.
Superheating Superheating Scroll of Superheating Chili Pepper Yes Mining Gain a 1% chance to instantly smelt an ore into a bar while mining.
Wealth Wealth Scroll of Wealth No Non-Combat Skills Automatically sell resources for 20% more gold than their normal value.
Pungent Bait Pungent Bait Scroll of Pungent Bait Seaweed No Fisherman's Waders Fisherman's Waders Fishing Increase bait power by 3.
Reinforced Line Reinforced Line Scroll of Reinforced Line Raw Tigerfish No Fisherman's Smock Fisherman's Smock Fishing Increase reel power by 3.
Fishing Magnetism Fishing Magnetism Scroll of Fishing Magnetism Raw Magnetic Minnow No Fishing Increase bonus rarity by 2 and decreases bait and reel power by the same amount.
Increases chance to find known rare nodes.
Bait Preservation Bait Preservation Scroll of Bait Preservation No Fisherman's Bucket Hat Fisherman's Bucket Hat Fishing Increases chance to preserve bait by 4%.
Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch Scroll of Deadliest Catch Raw Great White Shark No Fishing Increase bonuses from bait by 5% but decreases the chance of bait preservation by 5%.
Increases chance to find known rare resources.
Oil Spill Oil Spill Scroll of Oil Spill Raw Slippery Eel No Fishing Adds a 5% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size.
There is a chance that fish oil may not be created if the fish is too small.
Master Chef Master Chef Scroll of Master Chef No Cooking Decrease chance to burn food while cooking by 4% of your effective cooking level. (level 99 * 4% = -3.96% burn chance)

Combat Enchantments

Enchantment Scroll Food Shrine Other Description
Accuracy Accuracy Scroll of Accuracy Yes Increase the players accuracy bonus 5%.
Aspect of Chaos Aspect of Chaos No Signet Ring Signet Ring Converts 5% of damage into chaos damage. COSMETIC ONLY UNTIL C2.0P2
Aspect of Flame Aspect of Flame No Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet Converts 5% of damage into fire damage. COSMETIC ONLY UNTIL C2.0P2
Corruption Corruption No Corrupted Ring Corrupted Ring Consumes ichor received in combat to heal for 5 health.
Critical Strike Critical Strike Scroll of Critical Strike Yes Gain a 5% chance on hit to critically strike, dealing 130% damage.
Demon Skin Demon Skin Ichor Yes Shrimp Armor (3, 4 pieces) All damage taken is reduced by 1.
Flame Resistance Flame Resistance Water Imbued Dust No Grants some resistance to heat. Negates the effect of Overheat.
Force Force Scroll of Force No Gain 10% of the shield's average melee defense as accuracy. The shield no longer provides any defensive bonuses.
Fortitude Fortitude Scroll of Fortitude No Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet Increases max health by 4.5.
Healing Healing Scroll of Healing Yes Passive healing is increased by 0.5 health per minute.
Nimble Nimble Spider Legs Yes Increases defense by about 10%.
Overhealing Overhealing Scroll of Overhealing No Heal for 1% of overkill damage on a target.
Patience Patience Scroll of Patience Yes Increases the efficiency of slower attacks.
Protection Protection Scroll of Protection Yes Reduces all damage taken by 4%.
Recklessness Recklessness Scroll of Recklessness Yes Increases outgoing damage by 1.
Reinforcement Reinforcement Scroll of Reinforcement Yes Reduce the enemy's chance to hit by 5%.
Resurrection Sickness Resurrection Sickness No Phoenix's Flame Reduced healing, offensive, and defensive stats.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Scroll of the Treasure Hunter Yes Increases your chance of finding items from slain enemies by 3%.
Weakening Weakening Scroll of Weakening No Decreases the level requirements of the item by 5.

Set Bonuses

Applied when equipping set items.

Enchantment Set Bonus Items Prerequisite Description
Demon Skin Demon Skin Shrimp Shrimp HelmShrimp CarapaceShrimp GreavesShrimp Shell 3 (4) (5) Pieces All damage taken is reduced by 18 (36) (54).
Master Fisherman Fisherman Fisherman's Bucket HatFisherman's SmockFisherman's WadersOcean's Embrace Exactly 3 Pieces Increases all fishing stats by 10%.
Legendary Angler 4 Pieces Increases all fishing stats by 25%.
Phoenix's Flame[?] Phoenix's Flame Mantle of Flame 1 Piece Gives a chance that increases with augments for a fatal blow to be rendered non-fatal;
if this happens the Resurrection Sickness debuff (reduced healing, offensive, and defensive stats) with stacks equal to the hitpoints will be applied.

Zone Buffs/Debuffs

Applied in certain zones.

Enchantment Zone Description
Overheat Palace of Flames [?]