Corrupted Ring

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Corrupted Ring
Corrupted Ring
gold coin200,000
Level Required-
Enchantment Slots3 (Initially has all 3 used)
Offensive Stats
AccuracyMelee Str
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
AccuracyMelee Str
Aug. Cost50 Gold Bars
5 Emeralds

Corrupted Ring is the first pure combat related jewelry to be released. After crafting, the ring is enchanted with a special enchantment called Corruption that consumes ichor received in combat to heal for 15 health and cannot be reenchanted.

The ring is untradable in crafted state.

How to Acquire

It is acquired, through crafting the combat drop Naga's Bracelet, dropped from Infected Naga

Level Exp Materials
Corrupted Ring 55 17,900 300 Gold Bars
10 Emeralds
2 Black Opal
1 Naga's Bracelet

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