Naga's Bracelet

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Naga's Bracelet
Naga's Bracelet
gold coin75,000
Level Required-

Naga's Bracelet is part of the first pure combat related jewelry released, the bracelet is used to create a Corrupted Ring.

While hovering over the bracelet it shows the following text in the tooltip:

There are strange carvings on the bracelet,
you're not sure what it says but the strange liquid its carved in is familiar...

It is rumored to be part of the "Secrets of Naga" easter egg, with no info confirmed.

The bracelet/ring is untradable in the crafted state (Corrupted Ring), but tradable in the uncrafted state (Naga's Bracelet).

How to Acquire

Naga's Bracelet is acquired as a drop from Infected Naga

Crafting recipe for Corrupted Ring

Level Exp Materials
Corrupted Ring 55 17,900 300 Gold Bars
10 Emeralds
2 Black Opal
1 Naga's Bracelet

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