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Guide Author Description
Combat Guide Schaftolas Overview of combat, WIP
Smithing Guide Zoomba Advanced smithing guide
Cooking Guide ChloeNebula In-depths guide to cooking
Runecrafting Guide Tongs19 Advanced runecrafting guide, WIP
Fishing Guide Tj093 General overview of fishing, WIP


Calculators are divided into the following main categories:

  • Skill Based
  • Cost & Profit

Skill Based Calculators

Calculator Skill Author Description
Fishing Calculator Fishing (Detailed per zone) Kugan Calculates expected experience/loot for fishing.
DPS Calculator Combat Gpt999, Kugan Calculates combat stats, kills per hour, and several survival statistics.
Loot Calculator Combat Holychikenz Calculates Loot/hr and GP/hr based on ISMonkey loot logs.
AutoEat Calculator Combat Gpt999 Estimates minimum auto eat thresholds for dungeons and elite scrolls.

Cost & Profit Calculators

Calculator Author Description
Snebbers Aug Calc Snebbers Augment calculator that provides the user with expected items and other stuff related to augmenting [NO LONGER OPERATIONAL]

Scripts and extensions

These scripts and extensions are used to ease your gameplay.

Name/link Author Description
Idle Notifier D4M4G3X This is built into Idlescape Utilities.
Plays a sound when you're idling in Idlescape
Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/any other userscript extension is needed.
ISMonkey Holychikenz Provides a lot of extensions in one installation, players can comment out extensions that they don't want. This includes:
  • Foodinfo
  • Animation Cancellation
  • Jiggy Slide (re-size the game windows)
  • plus much more.

Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/any other userscript extension is needed.

DaelIS collection of userscripts Dael Collection of userscripts, including:
  • Display prices on inventory
  • Filter inventory using icons
  • Manage Loadouts using UI
  • Visually track the resources gained
  • Show a damage meter on combat
  • Custom item tooltips reminiscent of WoW Tooltips
  • Hide gathering nodes for No Gathering game mode

Tampermonkey userscript extension is needed.

Marketplace Tracker IceFreez3r



Collects price data from the official marketplace API and provides price information at various places in the game.

Can be installed as a Firefox extension or as a Tampermonkey userscript.

Shut up chat! WilliW Removes the chat window.
Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/any other userscript extension is needed.
Max button on item dialog WilliW Adds a button "Set to max" to the inventory item dialog.
Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/any other userscript extension is needed.

Extensions that might be needed for other scripts to work

Name/link Author Description
Tampermonkey website Tampermonkey Devs Needed for some scripts
Stylus Github page Stylus Devs Needed for changing css elements

Deprecated stuff

These scripts and extensions are unlikely to work as they are no longer in development


Name/link Author Description
Experience Calculator/Spreadsheet Limpeklimpe / Habs Most of them, focused on production/crafting

Calculates expected experience/loot rates and other stuff for various skills.

Lootify D4M4G3X Adds statisical and combat related stuff to your gameplay
This includes:
* Kills per Hour
* Gold per Hour etc.
Cooking Simulator & Recipe Book Starnub Creates dishes given chosen ingredients, showing stats (HP, bonus, buffs, recipe, stacks) accurate to in-game recipes.
Experience Calculator MrTekilla Calculates the required experience to level up in crafting/scrollcrafting, as well as the number of crafts to level up.
Idlescape Utilities 11tinic Various QoL improvements, e.g.
  • Display gold and heat in full.
  • Experience/hour and time to level for mining/foraging/fishing/smithing.
Horizontal Channels Kronos Changes the chat channel list into a horizontal list above the chat.

Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/any other userscript extension is needed.

Deprecated Guides

Guide Author Description
Combat Guide Mageofpie Combat guide for beginners. Assumes you have a brand new account so anyone can follow it.
Cooking Guide Starnub An in-depth cooking guide with data on older recipes, ingredients, and mechanics.
Combat Guide Magnus Combat guide for beginners. Assumes you have a brand new account so anyone can follow it.

Deprecated links

Link Author Description
Leaderboards Idlescape Discover the highest completion attempts of each scroll or dungeon.
Augment Calculator Mac15001900 Find the expected cost of augmenting an item to a certain level and how much experience you'll gain from augmenting.
Heat Calculator 14nickel Search the market for the cheapest source of heat.
Chest Value Calculator Partypope Calculate the total and average value of Chests with the opening message from Activity tab.
Cooking Profit Calculator Silent1 Works out the cost and profit of several recipes.