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This Combat Guide is written in order to help players travel through combat as optimally as possible. It will be broken into four sections: A guide on how combat works, then guides for each respective combat skill, Melee, Range and Magic.

How Does Combat Work?

There are four styles of combat that you can choose to do: melee, ranged, magic, or hybrid. Melee makes use of melee weapons (such as scimitars and daggers). Ranged makes use of ranged weapons (such as longbows and crossbows). Magic makes use of magic weapons (such as staffs and wands). Hybrid utilizes 2 or more of the above skills with weapons that provide hybrid statistics (such as Shapeless Scythe)

Player, Equipment Stats, and Skills

Both your equipment and your skill levels decide how effective you are in combat. You must know how they work in order to make effective loadouts. Combat is broken into six skills, each with their own experience and how to earn it.

  • Constitution: Earned when other Combat experience is earned.
  • Attack: Landing hits in Combat. Defense: Taking, mitigating and dodging damage in Combat.
  • Strength: Dealing damage with Melee related skills.
  • Magic: Dealing damage with Magic related skills.
  • Ranged: Dealing damage with Ranged related skills.

Experience for each combat skill is rewarded on monster kill, so dying before defeating a mob will reward no experience.

The Offensive Stats

  • Strength (Melee), Dexterity (Ranged), and Intelligence (Magic) are the main offensive stats and modify your overall damage for their respective fields. They are also affected by Combat Skill Levels (Strength, Ranged, and Magic).
  • Crit Chance is your chance to hit an enemy for Critical damage, when you do hit a crit, it'll add damage based off your Crit Multiplier. Having a Crit Chance of 30% and a Crit Mult of 50% means that you have a 30% chance on hit to do 50% more damage.
  • Accuracy is what decides your hit chance against the enemy. There are several different types of accuracy, where the types of abilities you use will be affected by those. For example the ability 'Fireball' will make use of Magic Accuracy and Fire Accuracy.

The Defensive Stats

  • Protection is your physical damage reduction. Any melee or ranged damage that an enemy hits you with will be reduced using this value.
  • Resistance is your magic damage reduction. Any magic damage that an enemy hits you with will be reduced using this value.
  • Agility is used to calculate your dodge chance. The higher this value is, the less likely it is that an enemy will be able to hit you.
  • Stamina determines the value of your total health, in addition to your Constitution level


Affinities are used in calculating your effectiveness for each subclass of combat, both for offense and defense. A good example of this are Breatplates, which give a high amount of negative offensive affinities, but lots of positive defensive affinities in return. This makes them very effective at tanking, but not good at outputting damage. Affinities are added together from item to item (ex. a fire amulet provides +15% fire affinity, which would be added with the +35% fire affinity given by the Mantle of Flame to give a total fire affinity of +50%). Affinities can increase or decrease your total effectiveness in combat, but not as drastically as it first seems. Each ability used takes an average of all styles used in an ability.

Player Stats: +50% magic affinity,, +115% fire affinity

Ability Being Used: Fireball (1x Magic, 1.33x Fire) {abilityIcon(abilitiesIds.fire_ball)}

(Magicaffinity x Magicmultiplier1 + Fireaffinity x Firemultiplier2) / 2


(1.00 x 1.50 + 1.33 x 2.15) / 2


Effectiveness = 2.179

This guide is featured in-game under the combat information symbol.


Melee is a skill that... (needs to be updated)


This guide is intended to help players understand many of the nuances of the ranged combat, it will target the different difficulties and strenghts of the ranged combat skill.

Gear and Enchants

All the ranged gear is made from foraging ressources so unless you want to buy everything or play NGIM, foraging as your main task beside fighting is recommended.


  • Click on the ranged tab in the crafting menu and choose a set you can afford.
  • All the armor sets require ressources from traps which can be crafted in the farming tab.
  • As soon as you are strong enough for the Elven Encampment combat you can get crystal scales or the armor pieces dropped by the enemies.


There are one-handed and two-handed weapons for ranged damage. Usually the two-handed ones are better for damage while the one-handed leave room for a defensive offhand item and have more accuracy.

  • Use the shortbow for more damage in areas where accuracy is not needed and the longbow in areas where enemies have a lot of agility.
  • Use the one-handed weapons if you plan on taking the damage in duo zones so you can equip a shield.

Other useful gear:

  • Hunters Band is a great item for damage and accuracy with a good spell to use if you have enough agility to spare for damage.
  • Bestial Shawl gives you agility and more ranged affinity.
  • Air Amulet has usefull spells and a bit of extra damage.
  • Magic Quiver/Elven Quiver are also a good source for extra damage and accuracy.


  • Reinforcement to increase your agility since dodging is the main part of surviving as a ranged user.
  • Resistance for the combat areas where ranged damage is the most effective like Fallen Academy or Lava Maze.
  • Patience for spells like Deadshot.
  • Critical strike on your weapon.
  • On the offhand you can go Finesse for extra damage or Fortitude for more survivability.

The endgame gear consists of the Royal Elven Set, Elven Quiver, Bestial Shawl, Air Amulet, Awakened World Shapers and Elven Boots. For the ring you can choose between Hunter Band and Devourers Band, depending on ur budget/liking. The weapons of choice are either Elven King Longbow for much damage and accuracy or Forgotten Sadness and Shrimp Stinger for more survivability from the Soul Steal ability.

Ability Rotation

Always try to use an auto attack that fits your weapon like piercing ammo, even if you only crafted shoddy ammo yet. Also don´t forget to equip enough Ammunition or you will deal way less damage.

  • Deadshot and Triple Shot should always be in your ability rotation.
  • Use Sniping Stance if you do not need to tank the enemy hits or if you have enough agility to survive, if you take a lot of damage try using no stance.
  • Put your stance at the end of your rotation since you do not need as much stacks as the ability gives.
  • Camouflage or Invisibility are great for tanking or solo combat.

Talents and Affixes

Useful Talents are:

  • Ammunition Overload and Ammunition Over-Overload

Affixes can be chosen to ones liking but stats like Agility and Protection/Resistance for the armor and Attackspeed and Critical Strike Chance/Damage for the weapon are preferred.

Preferred Combat Zones

The Zones weak to ranged damage are Fallen Academy, Lava Maze and Elven Encampment

  • Fallen Academy is the easiest of these three, where you can already do well with maple gear. It is usefull for some early game money or if you want to farm Ancient Stones.
  • Lava Maze is the main source for Ichor and Cursed Spade Heads. It is a quite difficult zone to survive especially after difficulty 9 so elven gear is recommended.
  • Elven Encampment is a zone where enemies have much agility, but is needed for the best armor and other ranged gear. Items like Hunters Band are recommended and the best gear you can bring, aswell as someone who can tank the big hits from enemies.

- guide written by Schaftolas, the mighty Kiwi Ender.


Magic is a skill that... (needs t be updated)