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DescriptionGain a 1% chance to instantly smelt an ore into a bar when mining.
Scroll of SuperheatingScroll of Superheating
SlotPickaxe (6)
Rune Amount80
Rune TypeEarth, Fire, Cosmic
Cooking Ingredient
Chili PepperChili Pepper
Farming - Chili Pepper Seed
EffectGain a 2% chance to instantly smelt an ore into a bar when mining.

Superheating or SH has a 1% chance to instantly smelt a mined ore into a bar when Mining. The smelted bar does not use additional ores or heat normally required when Smithing.


When used with Gathering, superheating does not smelt the extra ore. Experience is not gained for smithing, and heat is not used. However, fire essence is gained with every bar.

When used with Scholar and/or Wealth, the sold/destroyed ore can still be smelted and the bar is not sold/destroyed.

Ore Bar Resources Saved Mining
Seconds, Zone
Heat Heat Ore Total Time (Seconds)
Tin Ore Tin Ore Bronze Bar Bronze Bar 1 1 Copper Ore 11 5 Clay Pit
Copper Ore Copper Ore Bronze Bar Bronze Bar 1 1 Tin Ore 11 5 Clay Pit
Iron Ore Iron Ore Iron Bar Iron Bar 5 2 Iron Ore 28 8 Village
Gold Ore Gold Ore Gold Bar Gold Bar 20 9 Gold Ore 128 12 Underground
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore Mithril Bar Mithril Bar 50 4 Mithril Ore 78 12 Underground
Adamantite Ore Adamantite Ore Adamantite Bar Adamantite Bar 100 9 Adamantite Ore 179 15 Hidden Mine
Runite Ore Runite Ore Runite Bar Runite Bar 200 14 Runite Ore 370 20 Deep Pit
Stygian Ore Stygian Ore Stygian Bar Stygian Bar 500 24 Stygian Ore
10 Ichor
586 20 Deep Pit

Total Time is the base time saved mining and smithing the bar when superheating procs but does not include ichor and heat.

Mining zone chosen for where the ore is most abundant.