Shrimp Lord

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Shrimp Lord
Shrimp Lord
DescriptionGain 5% chance per cooking action to gain one Raw Shrimp.
Scroll of the Shrimp LordScroll of the Shrimp Lord
SlotGloves (6)
Boots (6)
Rune Amount10
Rune TypeAir, Water, Chaos, Nature
Cooking Ingredient
Raw ShrimpRaw Shrimp
SourceFishing - Shallow Pond
Ice Giant (Elite)
Shrimp Lord
EffectGain 10% chance per cooking action to gain one Raw Shrimp.

Shrimp Lord adds a chance to gain a Raw Shrimp by 5% per Cooking action. Raw shrimp is gained even if the cooking fails.


There is a chance to obtain a Shrimp Bauble when cooking 5 Raw Shrimp if the player has at least 7 Shrimp Lord.

Shrimp Bauble can be obtained from roughly 100 cooks or a total of 500 raw shrimps.


Different equipment with the same enchantment do not stack and only the higher applies.