Corrupted Lands

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Corrupted Lands
Corrupted Lands
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersCorrupted Tree, Infected Naga, Bone Giant, Corrupted Naga, Ghastly Giant
Notable DropsNaga's Bracelet
Chorus of Souls
Decayed Cloak
Corroded Scroll
Zone Recommendations
Rec. Combat Levels70+
Rec. GearRunite - Stygian

The Corrupted Lands is a high-tier combat area.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 70+ in all three combat skills
  • Armor: Runite/Stygian or better.
  • Weapon: Chorus of Souls or better.


Monster Encounter Rate Combat Style Highest Weakness Drops
Corrupted Tree Corrupted Tree [?] Melee Fire/Lightning Affinity (-30%) Full drop table is available on Corrupted Tree
infected naga [?] Melee Slashing, Lightning Affinity (-30%) Notable drops: Naga's Bracelet, Corroded Scroll (Elite Scroll)
Full drop table is available on Infected Naga
Bone Giant Bone Giant [?] Melee Blunt (-30%) Notable drops: Blood Talisman, Decayed Cloak, Chorus of Souls, Corroded Scroll (Elite Scroll)
Full drop table is available on Bone Giant
Ghastly Giant Ghastly Giant [?] Melee Lightning Affinity (-25%) [?]
Corrupted Naga Corrupted Naga [?] Melee Slashing, Lightning Affinity (-25%) [?]
[More mobs on higher difficulty]