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Recommended Level: 1-5
Recommended Style: Any
Rat Rat

Chicken Chicken
Goblin Goblin

Cow Cow
Ot_to's Prized Hen Ot_to's Prized Hen

Chocolate Cow Chocolate Cow

Marshall the Town Rat Marshall the Town Rat
Notable Drops
Monster Drops:
Cluster-Cluck Cluster-Cluck

Ring of Taxes Ring of Taxes
Lesser Ladle Lesser Ladle
Stew Stained Page Stew Stained Page

Scrap of Stained Parchment Scrap of Stained Parchment

Farm is the first and easiest combat area. Farm is the only combat zone that doesn't have a dungeon. Cluster-Cluck Cluster-Cluck , farm's elite scroll, drops from Chickens and Ot_to's Prized Hens. Farm is the main source of Minced Meat Minced Meat and the only source of Churned Dairy Churned Dairy.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 1 - 20 in all three combat skills.
  • Armor: None or Tier 1 craftable armor
  • Weapon: Tier 1 craftable weapon


Monster Threat DPS(Style) Highest Weakness
Chicken Chicken -420 0(Melee)

Stab splash.png(-25%)

Cow Cow -130 0(Melee)

Slash splash.png(-25%)

Rat Rat -54 0(Melee)

Stab splash.png(-25%)

Goblin Goblin -29 0(Melee)

Stab splash.png(-25%), Ice splash.png(-25%)

Ot_to's Prized Hen Ot_to's Prized Hen 6373 78(Melee)

Range splash.png(-20%), Magic splash.png(-20%)

Crush splash.png(-25%)

Chocolate Cow Chocolate Cow 7743 56(Melee)

Range splash.png(-20%), Magic splash.png(-20%)

Slash splash.png(-25%)

Marshall the Town Rat Marshall the Town Rat 4293 29(Melee)

Range splash.png(-10%), Magic splash.png(-10%)

Crush splash.png(-20%), Stab splash.png(-20%)

Poison splash.png(-50%)