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gold coin1,500,000
SourceVarious Giants
Dark Fortress

Fragments, also known as frags, are key pieces used to craft the Giant's Keep Key to enter the 5-man Giant's Keep dungeon.

There are 5 fragments in total, each considered a rare drop, dropping from their corresponding giant. Fragments can also be obtained from the elite variant of giants when using a Giant Scroll, but not from giants in the Giant's Keep.

Drop Source

Fragment Name Monster Combat Zone
Corrupted Fragment Corrupted Fragment Bone Giant
Elite Bone Giant
Corrupted Lands
Dark Fortress
Chaos Fragment Chaos Fragment Chaos Giant
Chaotic Abomination

Elite Chaos Giant

Chaos Wastes
Ice Fragment Ice Fragment Ice Giant
Elite Ice Giant
Valley of Giants
Nature Fragment Nature Fragment Moss Giant
Elite Moss Giant
Valley of Giants
Fire Fragment Fire Fragment Fire Giant
Elite Fire Giant
Valley of Giants


Item Unlock Level Base Exp Ingredients
Giant's Keep Key Giant's Keep Key
x150,000 Fire Essence
x150,000 Water Essence
x150,000 Blood Essence
x150,000 Chaos Essence
x150,000 Nature Essence

x1 Nature Fragment
x1 Ice Fragment
x1 Fire Fragment
x1 Corrupted Fragment
x1 Chaos Fragment