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Fishing UI

The Marketplace is a place where players can buy and sell items between them using gold.

To access Marketplace, click on the gold bag icon above the inventory or click Marketplace under the hamburger menu in the top-left.

The marketplace is only accessible to players who have verified their email but is not accessible by ironman characters, they see the general shop instead when clicking the money bag.

The marketplace has a tax of 5% deducted from the selling price (rounded up except for 1 gold), and a minimum price of 1 gold. Prices on items change often depending on rarity and usefulness. There are some items that cannot be bought or sold, such as most gloves, the corrupted ring and shrimp armor set, as well as some event items.

A item is only listed for 30 days before it is returned back to the player's inventory, unless it is sold.

Ironmen and trade-banned players cannot use the marketplace.

If your listing does not move:

  • Do not spam the trade chat.
  • Check the price compared to other listings.
  • Consider lowering the price to entice a quick buy.
  • It may just be a slow period or less sought after item.
  • Consider selling to NPC if market price is close to sell price.

Trade rules

Automation of marketplace interaction by scripts and extensions is a grey area at best and some possible script functions are explicitly disallowed in game rules.

Use the Trade chat to advertise your wares and click the scale icon in your listing to directly link the item. Check the Public Channels in the bottom left of the chat window if you have accidentally closed the channel.