Seafood Curry

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Seafood Curry
Seafood Curry
gold coin175
Base HP4
Recipe ID2137
Required CategoryFish, Grain, Spice
NotesWith any ingredient not fish or grain
There's just a whole fish in there. Why did you do that?

Seafood Curry food heals for a base of 4 health and requires Fish, Grain and Spice, with a non-beast and non-grain ingredient to remove Sushi as a valid recipe.

The highest healing food can be created with a base quality of 5 and 24 health.

See Cooking#Resulting Dish for more information.

Notable Recipes

Order of ingredients do not matter.

Type Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5 Exp Heat Quality Base HP Buff
High Quality Raw Lobster Raw Lobster* Raw Tuna Raw Tuna* Ashes Ashes Ashes Ashes Carrot Carrot* 65 65 5 24 Pyromancy Pyromancy

* Raw Lobster, Raw Tuna and Raw Shark (no quality increase) are interchangeable. Carrot can be replaced with any other non-buff ingredient except Fish and Grain.