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Who is working on this game?

There are a few people working on this game with different roles.

Tasks of people within a role are not set in stone, but in general, moderators keep chat/discord normal and help players out with small problems. Community contributors help develop new parts of the game on a voluntary basis. Artists create the artwork for the game. The developers create the game.

There is currently a running application process to express interest in becoming a moderator found at https://dyno.gg/form/760e2ad0. Applicants will NOT be contacted after they have filled the form, even in case of rejection. Reaching out to the moderation team to discuss your application will likely get your application rejected.

Moderators are picked by the admin team when we feel there is a need for more help and have found a possible new moderator.

Current Staff Members

Name Role Joined staff
Boohi Owner Owner Icon
Developer Chicken
NickMillion Developer Developer Icon
Admin Admin Icon
29 November 2020 (Developer)

1 November 2021 (Admin)

Wyshikins Artist 30 November 2020
Zady Artist

Moderator Moderator Icon

1 December 2022
Limpeklimpe Admin Admin Icon

Previous Lead Moderator Lead Moderator Icon

9 October 2020
Habs Moderator Moderator Icon 3 November 2020
Magnus Moderator Moderator Icon 28 January 2020
Eun Moderator Moderator Icon 21 May 2021
White Moderator Moderator Icon 7 November 2020
xab Moderator Moderator Icon 3 February 2021
Shandlar Moderator Moderator Icon 28 January 2020
Schu Moderator Moderator Icon 1 December 2022
Gameboyatron Moderator Moderator Icon 1 December 2022
Valiant Moderator Moderator Icon 10 December 2023
Ot_to Moderator Moderator Icon 9 February 2021
Kugan Distinguished Community Member Red Star Icon

Community Contributor Chicken

25 November 2020
Zizzs Community Contributor Chicken 4 February 2021
Madfaith Community Contributor Chicken 26 March 2021
Dael Distinguished Community Member Red Star Icon

Community Contributor Chicken

4 April 2023
Bevardis Distinguished Community Member Red Star Icon

Community Contributor Chicken

7 April 2023
HolyChikenz Distinguished Community Member Red Star Icon

Community Contributor Chicken

11 April 2023

Distinguished Community Member Red Star Icon
Community Contributor Chicken
Moderator Idlescape Wiki

27 October 2023
xmahle Community Contributor Chicken
HeckYea Community Contributor Chicken 12 February 2024

Honorable mentions

Name Description
IdleOnion Providing Idlescape in-game assets

Providing Idlescape in-game guides

Former staff members

Name Role Active
Arthorse Artist Fall 2019 -

26 September 2020[1]

Fariel Developer Chicken 6 October 2019 -

6 October 2020[1]

Zero Developer Chicken 6 April 2020 -

23 September 2020[1]

Lovely Developer Chicken 1 April 2021 -

27 June 2022

ScrubbusMaximus Moderator Chicken
ForeverKing Moderator Chicken 28 January 2022 -

16 March 2022

Mononoko Moderator Chicken 3 May 2020 -

27 June 2022

Messenoire Community Contributor Chicken
xcezz Community Contributor Chicken 13 March 2020 -

27June 2022

Salbris Community Contributor Chicken 2 December 2020 -

27 June 2022

TheForgottenTime Community Contributor CC Icon 18 June 2021 -

27 June 2022

Ian Community Contributor Chicken 1 Jan 2021 -

27 June 2022

KimJongJits Community Contributor Chicken 8 December 2020 -

27 June 2022

Grymn Community Contributor CC Icon 18 April 2021 -

27 June 2022

MasterPhrog Moderator Moderator Icon 05 May 2022 -

24 September 2023

Sponsorn Moderator Moderator Icon 28 April 2021 -

24 November 2023

Wiki staff members

Name Role Joined wiki
Xcezz Administrator 7 March 2020
Boohi Administrator 4 May 2020
Silent1 Administrator 2 August 2021
Valiant Administrator 5 February 2024
White Bureaucrat 5 May 2020
Limpeklimpe Bureaucrat 17 June 2020
Ian interface administrator 26 January 2021
Kugan interface administrator 24 May 2021
Sankyuu Moderator 4 May 2020
SirDeviant Moderator 4 May 2020
Ot_to Moderator 5 May 2020
Habs Moderator 27 August 2020
Eunsok Moderator 9 March 2023
HeckYea Moderator 3 May 2021

How do I join the Idlescape team?

Currently the team largely consists of members of the community who dedicate time and effort to improving Idlescape.

The main roles fulfilled by members of the community are the community contributor role and the moderator role:

  • Community contributors help the game improve by working on the design of the game, fixing bugs, implementing features, and much more.
  • Moderators are moderating the community part of the game, that includes in-game chat and discord, to stay within the rules and are involved with managing other parts of the community aspects of the game.
If you are interested in becoming a community contributor, it is recommended you send a message to the admin team. Make sure to include all important information such as your experience with game design or similar tasks (preferably with examples!), your motivation, what relevant skills you have, what exactly you would like to do, etc.
If you would like to submit an application for a moderating role you can do so here (you need to be a member of the Idlescape discord channel to be able to submit a application). Notice: this does not mean that you will become a mod, be contacted about your application or in any other way notified about it, unless you were to progress further in the selection of becoming a moderator.

Frequent Questions

Can I stack enchantments?

No, enchantments do not stack, the highest level one will be the one that is picked.
(ex: wearing a Protection 5 helm and a Protection 3 chest, only the Helm is counted for 5 Protection)

Do food bonuses stack with equipment bonuses?

Yes, food bonus enchantments stack with item enchantments.

How many actions does this game have?

Idlescape has Infinite actions. The only limitation we have is when you are offline, progress stops after 12 hours, or 24 hours if you are subscribed to Idlescape+.

Does this game have offline progress?

Yes, Idlescape has up to 24 hour offline progress!

What is the highest level I can obtain?

The maximum level obtained in each skill is 99.
After level 99, there are mastery levels. Each mastery level is incrementally harder to obtain and adds one effective level. There is no realistic limit of mastery levels.

How do I obtain heat?

Burn logs, coal or sticks. Alternatively, pyre logs give more heat, but require crafting, cooking and fishing to obtain. Click on the heat icon above your inventory to filter for all items that can be burned.

What does the number after my name in chat mean? Why do some people have colored numbers after their names?

This is your total level of all your skills combined. The color depends on the league that your character belongs to.

Game Mode Color in chat Active
Regular [Level] Yes
Ironman [Level] Yes
No Gather Ironman [Level] Yes
Pre-Season [Level] No
Season 1 Regular [Level] No
Season 1 Ironman [Level] No
Season 2 Buff Madness [Level] Yes

Why do some players have stars behind their levels in chat?

When a player reaches max level (99) in all skills, their level in chat will now show their total mastery levels rather than regular levels.

How can I get a chat icon?

There are multiple ways to get chat icons. When you have one you can choose it in your chat settings.

Icons are never given out on request, and there is no point in asking for them. Donation icons are only obtained through buying in-game buffs and cosmetic items with platinum. Bug Finder and Community Stars icons are given on staff incentive after several (and/or serious) bug reports or if the player is providing game related assets/guides/improvements etc. Asking for a bug finder/community star icon does not get you one quicker.

Some of the icons you can gain are listed below.

Icon How to obtain
Don't have the url Talk from the discord (moderator-exclusive)
5 Dono Icon Spend a total of 1,000 platinum
20 Dono Icon Spend a total of 4,000 platinum
50 Dono Icon Spend a total of 10,000 platinum
100 Dono Icon Spend a total of 20,000 platinum
Chicken Spend a total of 50,000 platinum
500 Dono Icon Spend a total of 100,000 platinum
1000 Dono Icon Spend a total of 200,000 platinum
2000 Dono Icon Spend a total of 400,000 platinum
5000 Dono Icon Spend a total of 1,000,000 platinum
Bronze Star Icon Community Member - Tier 1
Silver Star Icon Community Member - Tier 2
Gold Star Icon Community Member - Tier 3
Platinum Star Icon Community Member - Tier 4
Red Star Icon Distinguished Community Member
Grey Bugfinder Icon Bugfinder - Tier 1
Gold Bugfinder Icon Bugfinder - Tier 2
Diamond Bugfinder Icon Bugfinder - Tier 3
Moderator Icon Be part of the mod team
Moderator Icon Lead Moderator
Dev Icon Be part of the dev team
Admin Icon Be part of the admin team
Be Boohi Be Boohi