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Events in Idlescape are limited-time appearances that come with special items, zones, bosses, and buffs. They are signified by a buff icon that is visible at the top of the screen (next to Shrine and Intuition buffs) and have their own unique name, duration, and flavor text. Each event has its own boss or bosses which drop event-specific loot that can either be used during the event, or as items, tools, weapons, and armor once the event concludes. Certain items can only be kept during events and will be removed from users' inventories when the event ends, and some are obtained during the event but are kept after the event is over, while others can be obtained even after the event concludes, i.e. shrimp baubles.

Some event buff icons only signify that an event is taking place (e.g. Christmas Spirit), while others provide a server-wide buff (like Alikar's Follery).

Starting from Christmas 2020 and forward, players who participate in events are able to gain Event Tokens.

Event List

A list of past and on-going events that have been featured in Idlescape.

Name Year Description
Christmas 2019 Christmas 2019 2019 The Christmas event for 2019 that featured 3 unique items and a boss which dropped them after being defeated.
April Fools 2020 April Fools 2020 2020 The April Fools event for 2020 that featured 3 unique items and a boss which dropped them after being defeated, along with a variety of items that persisted after the event concluded.
Alikar's Follery Alikar's Follery 2020 A special event during 2020 that began in September and is ongoing. It has several unique items, some created to summon the Aberrant Shrimp, and some dropped when the boss is defeated.
Christmas 2020 Christmas 2020 2020 The Christmas event for 2020 that featured 4 unique bosses- who each dropped loot that was used during the event to craft items- and 4 unique gathering/combat locations where players could collect materials to craft more event-specific gear.
Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Easter Egg Hunt 2021 2021 The Easter event for 2021 that featured 25 unique codes. Each unique code entered during the 7 day event gave the player 1000 Event Tokens.
Christmas 2021 Christmas 2021 2021 The Christmas event for 2021 featured the release of the new task system, making players gather different stuff and turning them in, event is currently active and not all information is publicly available at the moment

Event Monsters

A list of monsters featured in limited-time events.

Name Event
Snowman Snowman Christmas 2019
Mysterious Man Mysterious Man (Jewel Thief) April Fools 2020
Bronze med helm Aberrant Shrimp Alikar's Follery
Evil Elf Evil Elf Christmas 2020
Evil Christmas Tree Evil Christmas Tree Christmas 2020
Gummy Shark Gummy Shark Christmas 2020
Evil Snowman Evil Snowman Christmas 2020
Lumpy, Dumpy & Clumpy Lumpy, Dumpy & Clumpy Christmas 2020
krampus Krampus Christmas 2020, 2021

Event Items

A list of items featured in limited-time events.

Name Event Slot Dropped By
Santa Hat Santa Hat Christmas 2019 Head
Snowman Head Snowman Head Christmas 2019 Head
Tophat Tophat Christmas 2019 Head
Death Metal Wig Death Metal Wig April Fools 2020 Head
Corny Joke Corney Joke April Fools 2020 Head
Mysterious Man Mysterious Man April Fools 2020 Head
Shrimp Helmet Shrimp Helm Alikar's Follery Head Aberrant Shrimp
Shrimp Armor Shrimp Carapace Alikar's Follery Body Aberrant Shrimp
Shrimp Pants Shrimp Greaves Alikar's Follery Legs Aberrant Shrimp
Shrimp Shield Shrimp Shell Alikar's Follery Shield Aberrant Shrimp
Shrimp Shrimp (Schfftph Fzzglgl) Alikar's Follery N/A Aberrant Shrimp
Inferior Bearded Wanderer Inferior Bearded Wanderer Christmas 2020 Head
Inferior Reindeer Hunter's Armor Inferior Reindeer Hunter's Armor Christmas 2020 Body
Inferior Reindeer Hunter's Leggings Inferior Reindeer Hunter's Leggings Christmas 2020 Legs
Inferior Christmas Lights Inferior Christmas Lights Christmas 2020 Main-hand
SuperSled 1337 SuperSled 1337 Christmas 2020 Off-hand
Magic Snowball Magical Snowball Christmas 2020, 2021 Off-hand Evil Snowman
Candy Cane Daggers Candy Cane Daggers Christmas 2020, 2021 Two Handed
Cookie Cookie Dough Christmas 2020, 2021 Ingredient
Cookie Cookie Christmas 2020, 2021 Consumable