Aberrant Shrimp

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Aberrant Shrimps are summoned when a shrimp bauble is augmented until it fails and breaks. Aberrant shrimp have 300 HP and drop powerful armor pieces.

Aberrant Shrimp has Demon Skin +4 which reduces incoming damage by 4 and is the only monster known to have an enchantment.

It is recommended to at least have:

  • Around 60 defense bonus
  • Around level 55 combat skills
  • Obsidian or Mithril Battleaxe (Crush is really important)
  • Food with at least 20 hp mixed with some demon skin food in a 1 to 1 ratio

Keep in mind that results may vary.


Main Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Shrimp Carapace 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Helm 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Greaves 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Shell 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp 1-9 -

*One of these drops is guaranteed, players may still obtain duplicates of the same piece.

Universal Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Satchel.png Satchel 1 Very rare 1000
Mysterious Seed 1 Very rare 7