Demon Skin

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Demon Skin
Demon Skin
DescriptionAll damage taken reduced by 1.
Cooking Ingredient
EffectAll damage taken reduced by 2.

Each Demon Skin buff reduces all damage taken by one and can be obtained by eating food and equipping the Shrimp set.


Demon skin is especially effective in the lower combat zones as it can totally nullify any damage taken. With a full Shrimp set most of the damage up to Lava Maze can be negated. Demon skin is applied after damage reduction from Scroll of Protection.

Maximum hit table

Zones Monster Encounter Rate Max Hit Drops Ichor
Farm Chicken 30% 0
Rat 30% 0
Cow 30% 1
Goblin 10% 1
Caves Goblin 45% 1
Imp / Greater Imp 55% 1
City Guard 80% 3
Black Knight 20% 4
Living Forest Spriggan 100% 9
Deep Pit Greater Demon 100% 9 Always 1-2
Lava Maze Deadly Red Spider 40% 3
Lesser demon 60% 8 Always 1
Corrupted Lands Corrupted Tree 45% 14 10%
Infected Naga 45% 10 20%
Bone Giant 10% 10 20%
Valley of Giants Fire Giant 33% 10
Moss Giant 33% 14
Ice Giant 33% 14
Chaos Wastes* Chaos Giant 50% 17
Chaotic Abomination 50% 24


Food with demon skin gives +2 buff and reduces damage by 2. The buff is only gained when eaten during combat and will be lost when exiting combat. Buff stacks are only consumed when the monster actually hits and not on attempted hits.


The Shrimp set gives +2 and +4 buff when equipping 3 and 4 pieces of the set respectively. Combined with demon skin food, Shrimp set can reduce damage by 4 and 6.