Chaos Wastes

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Chaos Wastes
Chaos Wastes
Type of zoneDuo combat
MonstersChaotic Abomination
Chaos Giant
Notable DropsAncient Fire Amulet
Ancient Nature Amulet
Chaos Fragment
Shapeless Scroll
Crystal Mace
Signet Ring

The Chaos Wastes are a high-tier group combat area. It is the first duo combat zone released and can be fought solo or in groups of two players.

If the player is fighting solo;

  • The monsters' drops are doubled (loot rolled twice).

If the player is fighting with another player;

  • Monsters have slightly higher combat stats.
  • Loot drops are "normal", i.e. each player gets one roll.

It is the only combat zone, outside of Elite Scrolls and keys, where players can receive Chaos Fragments.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 90+
  • Armor: Stygian +5
  • Weapon: Their weakness is not known, but crush weapons are recommended against giants.


Chaos Giant and Chaotic Abomination seem to share the same drop table.

Monster Encounter Rate Combat Style Highest Weakness Notable Drops
Chaos Giant Chaos Giant [?] Melee Blunt, Lightning Affinity (-20%) Chaos Rune Chaos Rune
Chaos Fragment Chaos Fragment
Scroll of Fortitude Scroll of Fortitude
Shapeless Scroll Shapeless Scroll
Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace
Signet Ring Signet Ring
Chaotic Abomination Chaotic Abomination [?] Melee Blunt/Slashing/Piercing/Magic, Lightning Aff. (-20%)
[More mobs on higher difficulty]