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DescriptionGain 4.5 health per enchantment slot filled, rounded down.
Scroll of Fortitude
SlotShield (8)
Combat Amulet (3)

Fortitude is an enchantment that can be obtained as a drop from Chaos Giants, which can be encountered in the Chaos Wastes, Giant's Keep dungeon, and as a Giant Scroll elite encounter. It is the only enchantment scroll that can't be made through scrollcrafting.

The same enchantment can't stack between different equipment.


The Ancient Nature Amulet comes with Fortitude +4 as default despite only having 3 slots.

Name Source Base Def

Stab / Slash / Crush / Range / Magic

Augment Bonus Augment Cost Base Enchantment Enchantment Slots
Ancient Nature Amulet Chaos Wastes 5 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 10 +1 defense (all) 5000 Nature Essense
1 Nature Talisman
50 Nature Rune
Fortitude +4

Increase max health by 18.



Fortitude uses the same image as Overhealing