Deep Pit

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Deep Pit
Level Required70
Type of zoneMining
DropsGold Ore, Runite Ore, Rune Slate, Stygian Ore, Stone, Clay, Void Stone
Base Exp/Hour20,395
MonstersGreater Demon
Encounter Rate~6/hour
Zone Recommendations
Rec. Combat Levels50 - 60
Rec. GearAdamantite - Runite

The Deep Pit is an end-game mining zone requiring both combat and mining levels. While players are mining in the Deep Pit, there is a chance of encountering a Greater Demon, making it a dangerous mining zone. The Deep Pit is the only mining source for Stygian Ore and Void Stone.

Experience/Drop Frequency/Avg. drops per hour

Ore Experience Drop Frequency Avg. Drops/Hour
Runite Ore Runite Ore 100 30% 81.82
Stone Stone 100 5% ?
Clay Clay 100 5% ?
Rune Slate Rune Slate 100 25% (1-3) 40.91
Gold Ore Gold Ore 100 15% (1-2) 40.91
Stygian Ore Stygian Ore 100 15% 16.36
Void Stone Void Stone 100 5% ?