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Recommended Level: 5-10
Recommended Style: Any
Goblin Goblin
Greater Imp Greater Imp
Big Gobbo Big Gobbo
Notable Drops
Monster Drops:
Scrap of Stained Parchment Scrap of Stained Parchment

Lesser Ladle Lesser Ladle

Stew Stained Page Stew Stained Page

Caves is a combat area populated with Goblins, Big Gobbos and some Greater Imps. Caves and the Goblin Settlement dungeon are the main source of Goblin Brain Goblin Brain, and the only source of Lesser Ladle Lesser Ladle.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 5-10 in any combat skill.
  • Armor: Tier 2-3 craftable armor.
  • Weapon: Tier 2-3 craftable weapon.


Monster Threat DPS(Style) Weaknesses
Goblin Goblin -29 0(Melee)

Melee splash.png(0%)

Greater Imp Greater Imp 777 0(Melee)

Range splash.png(-10%), Stab splash.png(-25%)

Crush splash.png(-25%), Ice splash.png(-25%)

Big Gobbo Big Gobbo 6372 72(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-20%), Stab splash.png(-25%)

Ice splash.png(-10%)