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Recommended Level: 10-20
Recommended Style: Magic
Guard Guard

Militia Crossbowman Militia Crossbowman

Black Knight Black Knight
Imbued Black Knight Imbued Black Knight
Notable Drops
Monster Drops:
Dark Key Piece Dark Key Piece

Black Knight's Trial Black Knight's Trial
Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass
Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Gear

Black Opal Gems

CIty is a combat area populated with Guards, Militia Crossbowmans, Black Knights and the elite version Imbued Black Knights. City and the Dark Fortress dungeon are the only source of Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Gear. The preferred combat style for City is magic.

Recommended Gear


Monster Threat DPS(Style) Weaknesses
Guard Guard 1610 0(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-10%), Fire splash.png(-25%)

Ice splash.png(-25%), Poison splash.png(-20%)

Militia Crossbowman Militia Crossbowman 1536 0(Range)

Magic splash.png(-10%), Melee splash.png(-25%)

Fire splash.png(-25%), Poison splash.png(-20%)

Black Knight Black Knight 2050 9(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-25%), Crush splash.png(-30%)

Imbued Black Knight Imbued Black Knight 7876 28(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-25%), Crush splash.png(-30%)