Dark Fortress

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Dark Fortress
Dark Fortress
Recommended Level: 50+
Recommended Style: Magic
Black Knight Black KnightImbued Black Knight Imbued Black Knight
Dungeon Exclusive:
The Advisor The Advisor
Black Knight Titan Black Knight Titan
Notable Drops
Monster Drops:Zone Victory Drops:
Dark Key Piece Dark Key Piece

Dark Vault Identification Crystal Dark Vault Identification Crystal
Corrupted Fragment Corrupted Fragment
Black Knight's Trial Black Knight's Trial
Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Gear
Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass
Black Knight Titan's Helm Black Knight Titan's Helm
Chorus of Souls Chorus of Souls

Decayed Cloak Decayed Cloak
Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Gear

Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass
Black Knight Titan's Helm Black Knight Titan's Helm
Torn Banner Torn Banner
Blademaster's Memory Blademaster's Memory
Dark Cache Dark Cache
Lesser Jewelry Cache Lesser Jewelry Cache

Obsidian Helmet Ability Books

Dark Fortress is the respective dungeon for City and is accessed by Dark Fortress Key Dark Fortress Key. It is the sole source of the Blademaster's Memory Blademaster's Memory and Torn Banner Torn Banner which are required for crafting Blademaster's Shroud Blademaster's Shroud and Royal Banner Royal Banner respectively. Up to 3 players/mercenaries can enter Dark Fortress.

Dark Fortress consists of 4 waves:

Recommended Gear

A party for dungeons usually consists of 2 DPS and a tank.


Two-handed weapons have higher DPS than one-handed ones at cost of lower defense, however since we have a tank we use two-handed weapons for the extra DPS.


Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet is a good choice for tanks regardless of Nature's Blessing buff, because of the Fortitude Fortitude enchantment on it.


All the monsters are weak to Magic Magic and Crush splash.png Crush and resistance to Melee Crafting Icon Melee and Range Range. The Advisor has +200% defensive Poison splash.png poison affinity, so a poison build isn't ideal.

Monster Threat DPS Weaknesses
Black Knight Black Knight 2050 9(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-25%), Crush splash.png(-30%)

Imbued Black Knight Imbued Black Knight 7876 28(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-25%), Crush splash.png(-30%)

Black Knight Titan Black Knight Titan 7580 29(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-20%), Crush splash.png(-30%)

The Advisor The Advisor 8276 113(Melee)

Magic splash.png(-20%), Crush splash.png(-20%)

Dungeon Victory Drops

Item Rarity Market Price Each
Dark Cache Dark Cache 100% Gold19,994,997
Lesser Jewelry Cache Lesser Jewelry Cache [?] Common Gold798,500
Torn Banner Torn Banner [?] Rare Gold9,499,997
Blademaster's Memory Blademaster's Memory [?] Rare Gold277,777,766