Krampus' Key

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Krampus' Key
(Krampus' Lair)
Type of zoneCombat
Max Players3
Notable DropsFestive Shroud
Zone Recommendations
Rec. Combat Levels50
Rec. GearFast Weapon
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The Krampus' Key is a key used to enter the Krampus' Lair dungeon which was released for the Christmas 2021 event. Mistletoe Treads and Merry Maker's Mittens are required to enter, both of which can be obtained by completing the event tasks.

Recommended Gear

1 Man


Krampus ignores all combat stats including enchantments and has a fixed hit and dodge chance of 50% regardless of gear. Players also have a fixed damage range of 1 to 51.

Each form has a chance of dropping the Festive Shroud.

Monster Encounters Max Hit HP Notable Drops
Krampus Krampus 1 11 1500 Festive Shroud
Krampus 1 16 750
Krampus 1 21 500
Key Krampus' Lair Completion - - Coal