Coalescing Totem

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Coalescing Totem
Level Required40
Plot Size1x1
Harvest Time10080 minutes
A totem that coalesces various energies into a single form. Gives up to a 15% chance to half fertilizer cost, increase yield by 50%, and increase growth speed with chance increasing most drastically when there are more unique things planted with various sizes to grow. Stacks with non-coalescing totems that have the same effect. Only the oldest coalescing totem will take effect. The totem will automatically expire when it is fully grown.

Coalescing Totem is a totem that coalesces energies on your farmland. It gives a up to 15% chance to half the fertilizer cost (can't reduce below 1), increase yield by 50%, and increase growth speed. The totem chance scales based on how many unique plants you have planted. The coalescing totem abilities stack with other totems of the same boost.


The strength of the totem is calculated from both its age and the plants that you have planted on your plot. Seeds contribute with their total size (). Every type of seed only counts once with the exception of mysterious seeds, for which every plant counts no matter in which configuration you planted them. To reach the maximum 15% strength of the totem at max age, your plant sizes need to sum up to 16. You can reach the maximum effect even earlier by having more unique plants.

Total unique plant size Totem age at which you reach max effect Effect at max totem age
4 - 3.75%
8 - 7.5%
16 1 week 15%
24 ~4.6 days 15%
32 3.5 days 15%
48 1.75 days 15%

How to Acquire

Crafted Item Crafting Level Base EXP Ingredients
Coalescing Totem Coalescing Totem
Crafting 66
10,000 Crafting Crafting
1000 Stone Stone
3000 Chaos Rune Chaos Rune
3000 Nature Rune Nature Rune

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