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This page is about items with the "Junk!" rarity. For junk destroyed by the destructive testing enchant, see Destructive Testing.

Junk items are dropped by most enemies. Their only use is selling them for Gold Gold.

Item Gold Sell Value
Monster Tooth Monster Tooth 150
Monster Horn Monster Horn 250
Sturdy Horn Sturdy Horn 500
Old Coins Old Coins 1,000
Primitive Coin Primitive Coin 2,500
Undead Token Undead Token 5,000
Woodland Trinket Woodland Trinket 5,000
Intact Wing Intact Wing 5,000
Ornate Trinket Ornate Trinket 15,000
Useless Metal Scraps Useless Metal Scraps 100
Exotic Trinket Exotic Trinket 25,000
Demonic Statue Demonic Statue 35,000
Monster Claws Monster Claws 100
Bottled Blood Bottled Blood 10,000
Broken Armaments Broken Armaments 1,000
Creature Eggs Creature Eggs 3,000
Dwarven Coins Dwarven Coins 7,500
Bone Shards Bone Shards 350
Giant Heart Giant Heart 17,500
Ancient Armor Scraps Ancient Armor Scraps 4,000
Unknown Rune Unknown Rune 12,500
Light Armor Scraps Light Armor Scraps 1,250
Armor Scraps Armor Scraps 1,500
Heavy Armor Scraps Heavy Armor Scraps 1,750
Tusk Tusk 750
Gem Shards Gem Shards 2,250
Goblin Fork Goblin Fork 225
Nature Stone Nature Stone 10,000
Fire Stone Fire Stone 10,000
Ice Stone Ice Stone 10,000
A Diamond Plated Bug A Diamond Plated Bug 1,000,000
Valuable Furs Valuable Furs 1,500
Metal Slag Metal Slag 50