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"Ironman Icon"

Ironman mode was released in patch v0.8, 11th of december 2020

Ironman mode accounts have unique restrictions and special capabilities:

  • Trading - cannot trade with other players.
  • Ironman-only Chat - all ironmen have their own chat channel that cannot be accessed by regular players, but can still chat in the general channel.
  • Chat Total Level - total levels displayed in chat for ironmen is greyed out to differentiate them from regular players.
  • Multi-logging - players are allowed and can use both their regular account and ironman account at the same time in different browser tabs.
  • Server-wide Broadcasts - the first time an ironman reaches a special achievement, (e.g. first to level 50 farming) a server-wide message is sent to congratulate them in both general and the ironman chat channels.
  • Ironman-only Hiscores - a special hiscores page where the highest level ironmen are ranked.

This mode is not recommended for new players to the game.

Ironman augumentations and rare drops are only posted in ironman general.