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This extension is no longer developed and may contain bugs

Notice: A bug fix has been released by dael which fixes the bug with combat zones not showing correctly, if you use the old version of lootify you can remove that version COMPLETELY and then install the fixed one here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/426184-idlescape-lootify-quickfix-th-zones

Lootify is a script that helps both the player and the community, it is a player-made script by D4M4G3X#6263 and provides the player with a lot of statistical information

It currently provides extended information for

  • Combat
  • Mining
  • Foraging
  • Fishing
  • Smithing (Not fully supported yet)

Normal and Ironman settings - players are able to use Lootify for both normal and IM accounts with different settings

Notice: Lootify is making connections with Google Forms and digimol.net. Google Forms is required for sending community drop logs, digimol.net is required for styling the script and also gathering data for possible hiscores and drop logs, in case you don't feel comfortable with these, refrain from installing this extension.

Extension Features


  • Improved loot log - Provides clearer format and with monster images, for gathering enchantments (E.G. gathering enchantment) it shows if you gained an item through procs, numbers are shown within parenthesis.
  • Exp per hour - Calculates the players approximate experience gain per hour including time until level up
  • Gold per hour/Loot value - Calculates the players approximate gold per hour and total loot value, this is based on marketplace prices and might fluctuate greatly during combat if a very rare drop is acquired. This function is not available for Ironman accounts
  • Activities timer - shows the players timer on different gathering/combat activities

  • Community Loot Logs - Opt-in feature, automatically gets players Treasure Hunter enchantment level and sends in players loot logs without resetting it(!), default timer is 30 minutes and is completely automatic, data is used for community drop tables on Idlescape wiki


  • Kills per hour - Calculates the players kills per hour, pauses if the player goes idling/non fighting-activities

Installation Guide

1. Install Tampermonkey, it is available for most browsers
2. After installing Tampermonkey, install the script from Greasyfork here (Notice: this is a link to a fixed version of lootify that solves combat zones)
3. Reload all Idlescape pages/tabs currently open

Known Issues

  • Ajax code sends an error that it can't fetch, just send. Still works though
  • Sometimes Lootify chat messages causes the chat to jump - chat messages can be turned off in settings
  • Gold per hour does not show correctly while wearing wealth enchanted jewelry

Did you find any other issue? Contact D4M4G3X#6263 on discord!