Ancient Oak Seed

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Ancient Oak Seed
Level Required90
Plot Size6x6
Harvest Time1440 minutes
Yield1-1 Heart of the OakHeart of the Oak
20-400 BranchBranch 16.67%
40-800 LogLog 16.67%
40-800 Oak LogOak Log 16.67%
40-800 Willow LogWillow Log 16.67%
40-800 Maple LogMaple Log 16.67%
40-800 Yew LogYew Log 16.67%
50-200 Elder LogElder Log
A seed that predates even the Elder Trees.

Ancient Oak Seeds are a rare drop from farming. They are the biggest existing seed requiring a plot size of 6x6 and Farming level of 90. After they are harvested they have a chance to drop branches and each type of logs and most importantly a guaranteed drop of one Heart of the Oak.


Every seed that is harvested has a small chance to drop one Ancient Oak Seed.

seedLevel, seedHeight, seedWidth and seedTime are from the stats of the harvested seed. The time is counted in minutes. mystMultiplier is 6 for Mysterious Seeds and 1 for all other seeds.