Heart of the Oak

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Heart of the Oak
The key to enter the Nature Athaneum.

The Heart of the Oak is a dungeon key for the Nature Atheneum dungeon.

Only 1 player can enter the dungeon.

How To Acquire Key

The key is acquired by harvesting an Ancient Oak Seed

Item Level Req. Plot Size Exp Yield
Ancient Oak Seed 90 6x6 325,000 1 Heart of the Oak Heart of the Oak,

50–200 Branch Branch,

40–800 (16.67%) Log Log,

40–800 (16.67%) Oak Log Oak Log,

40–800 (16.67%) Willow Log Willow Log,

40–800 (16.67%) Maple Log Maple Log,

40-800 (16.67%) Yew Log Yew Log,

50-200x Elder Log Elder Log


Upon harvesting, Augmentation level is randomly chosen up to: ( effective Foraging + effective Farming ) / 40

Recommended Gear

Level: 60+

Epic/Legendary Skilling gear: Legendary Skilling Tool, Skilling Hat, Skilling Vest/Smock, Skilling Trousers

Melee or Ranged Weapons with slashing and/or chaos damage: Shapeless Scythe, Crystal Mace, Shard of Kalanahmatti, Empowered Bestial Dagger

Accessories: Signet Ring, Camo Cloak, Flamboyant Cape


Monster Encounters DPS Hp Notable drops
Living Wood Wolf Living Wood Wolf 1 4 Magic 11,250 Foraging Shard Foraging Shard ~25
Farming Shard Farming Shard ~25
Nox Wolf Nox Wolf 1-3 54 Melee 10,727 Partial Map Partial Map
Wolf Wolf 5 23 Melee 750 Partial Map Partial Map
Wild Boar Wild Boar 4 15 Melee 600 Partial Map Partial Map
Elder Spriggan Elder Spriggan 1 32 Magic 11,250 Sylvan Staff Sylvan Staff
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet

Notable Drops

Item Rarity Market Price Each
Bleached Cloth Bleached Cloth ??? Gold59,799,999
Elven Logistics Pendant Elven Logistics Pendant ??? Gold198,950,000
Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant ??? Gold106,420,420
Elven Research Cache Elven Research Cache 100% Gold22,000,000
Greater Bird's Nest Greater Bird's Nest ??? Gold15,500,000


Although one may assume the Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant would drop from the Dwarven Research Key dungeon, it actually drops from every gathering dungeon except for the Dwarven Research Key.