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All currently acquirable shards

Skilling Shard's are a unique, untradeable item that drops at a base rate of 1 every 5 minutes whenever a player is doing certain skills. Without buffs, players receive these at the same rate regardless of their skill level, the gathering zone being used, or the skilling action the player is doing. Skilling Shard's can also be received as a reward for completing certain quests and clearing gathering dungeons.

Shards are used for two types of crafting recipes: equippable skilling gear and the skill's respective legendary tool. They are also used in the augmentation of this gear.

The skills that produce shards are:

Skilling Gear

There are skilling gear sets for all of the previously mentioned skills except for farming. These all have the same base shard cost of 450 shards (around 37.5 hours of skilling).

While there is no requirement for equipping, and each set is purchasable from the market, each skill has its own quest required to unlock the crafting recipe. These quests are unlocked at level 60 in each skill. The gathering skill quests require 10,000 actions after accepting, while the production skills require only 3,000 actions after accepting the quest. Upon completion, each quest gives 1,000 of their respective shards, making it likely that you will have enough shards at this point to complete the base skilling gear set.

Legendary Tool

Every skill mentioned above has a legendary tool, giving 8 enchantment slots and the highest level buff for the skill. The base costs for these vary, but the recipes are also locked behind quests. These quests follow the same structure, being called "Legendary [Toolname]" and require the skilling gear quest mentioned above to be completed before being unlockable. Each quest will require you to clear the relevant gathering dungeon for stage 1 (except for cooking which has no relevant dungeon) and then turn in 9,000 shards (24,000 for farming) to complete the quest, receive your first version of the legendary tool, and unlock the recipe for crafting more (used every 3 augmentation levels).

Gathering Dungeons

Upon defeating the boss of the gathering dungeons, 25 shards for each related skill will drop. You are able to get shards in this way for every skill except cooking. Below are the dungeons and their drops.

Nature Atheneum

  • 25 Foraging Shards
  • 25 Farming Shards

Abandoned Academy Base

  • 25 Fishing Shards
  • 25 Runecrafting Shards

Dwarven Research Station

  • 25 Mining Shards
  • 25 Smithing Shards

Relevant Buffs

There are two buffs that are able to help in shard generation. Researcher's Boon, and Adventurer's Boon.

Researcher's Boon increases the shard generation rate by 10% per level applied. This buff is only available by spending platinum on a server wide buff.

Adventurer's Boon gives a 10% chance per level to generate an additional skilling shard. This buff can be acquired through either Newbie Adventurer's Backpack for level one or Dwarven Adventurer's Backpack for level two, as well as being purchasable in the platinum shop.

Relevant Affixes

Two rare tier affixes are available on Cape items to give up to a 5% additive bonus chance to generate shards. These are split into Gathering and Production skills.