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Gems are special stones that are used to create different kinds of rings and necklaces. There are five kinds of gems: sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond and black opal. Creating a ring or necklace from a gem requires one gem of that kind, 50 gold bars, and one gold ring or one gold necklace.

Obtaining Gems

When mining, the chance to obtain a gem is based on the base timer of the area, therefore it doesn't matter which area is used. The scroll of the prospector can be used to enchant a pickaxe, which further increases the chance of finding gems when mining.

Found gems are distributed as such:

Gem GP Distribution
Sapphire 1,000 40%
Emerald 2,000 30%
Ruby 5,000 20%
Diamond 10,000 7%
Black Opal 50,000 3%

Using Gems

Gems can be used to create rings and necklaces, using one gem, 50 gold bars and 1 gold ring or gold necklace.

Gem Ring Necklace Crafting level Crafting xp
Sapphire Sapphire Ring Sapphire Necklace 5 1600
Emerald Emerald Ring Emerald Necklace 10 2600
Ruby Ruby Ring Ruby Necklace 25 3600
Diamond Diamond Ring Diamond Necklace 50 4600
Black Opal Black Opal Ring Black Opal Necklace 60 5600