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Leather is an ingredient.

How to Obtain

Item Created Requirement XP Ingredients
Leather Leather Crafting Level 15 Crafting Crafting 50 XP 1 Salt Salt

10 Fur Fur

1 Salt Salt

7 Hide Hide

1 Salt Salt

5 Rough Hide Rough Hide


Source Source Place Quantity Chance
Elven RiderElven Rider Elven Encampment 1 1/100
Elven WarriorElven Warrior Elven Encampment 1 1/30
Elven HunterElven Hunter Elven Encampment 1 1/70


Item Created Requirement XP Ingredients
Leather Coif Leather Coif Crafting Level 15 Crafting Crafting 480 XP 48 Leather Leather
Leather Trousers Leather Trousers Crafting Level 18 Crafting Crafting 1060 XP 106 Leather Leather
Leather Body Leather Body Crafting Level 21 Crafting Crafting 1800 XP 180 Leather Leather
Reinforced Leather Coif Reinforced Leather Coif Crafting Level 24 Crafting Crafting 750 XP 66 Leather Leather

6 Thick Fur Thick Fur

Reinforced Leather Trousers Reinforced Leather Trousers Crafting Level 28 Crafting Crafting 1380 XP 120 Leather Leather

12 Thick Fur Thick Fur

Reinforced Leather Body Reinforced Leather Body Crafting Level 31 Crafting Crafting 2745 XP 225 Leather Leather

33 Thick Fur Thick Fur