Small Bag of Holding

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Small Bag of Holding
Level Required25 enchanting
Enchantment Slots1
EnchantmentsBag of Holding
Aug BonusAug Cost
+0.25 mining
+0.25 foraging
+0.25 fishing
+0.25 fishingBaitPower
+0.25 fishingRarityPower
+0.25 fishingReelPower
30 LeatherLeather
A small bag that possesses some magic to help you gather all that you can from a resource. Will automatically be upgraded to the next bag of holding tier at +5 augment levels.

A Small Bag of Holding is a a bag that equips to the Quiver/Pendant slot. It requires level 25 Enchanting to equip. By default it has bag of holding (enchantment) 1, which gives a 33% chance to force the max quantity of a resource while gathering. Augmenting this item to +5 transforms it into Bag of Holding.

How to Acquire

Crafted Item Crafting Level Base EXP Ingredients
Small Bag of Holding Small Bag of Holding
Crafting 20
3,000 Crafting Crafting
300 Leather Leather

Cost of Augmenting in total

Lvl 1: 100 Leather Leather

Lvl 2: ??? Leather Leather

Lvl 3: ??? Leather Leather

Lvl 4: ??? Leather Leather

Lvl 5: 210 Leather Leather

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