Large Bag of Holding

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Large Bag of Holding
Level Required75 enchanting
Enchantment Slots3
EnchantmentsBag of Holding
Stats10 mining
10 foraging
10 fishing
10 fishingBaitPower
10 fishingRarityPower
10 fishingReelPower
Aug BonusAug Cost
+1 mining
+1 foraging
+1 fishing
+1 fishingBaitPower
+1 fishingRarityPower
+1 fishingReelPower
300 ScaleScale
A large bag that possesses some magic to help you gather all that you can from a resource.

A Large Bag of Holding is a a bag that equips to the Quiver/Pendant slot. It requires level 75 enchanting to equip. By default it has bag of holding (enchantment) 3, which gives a 100% chance to force the max quantity of a resource while gathering.

How to Acquire

Created by augmenting a Bag of Holding up to level 10.

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