Chaos Crest

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Chaos Crest
Chaos Crest
gold coin68,000
Level Required20 defense
Enchantment Slots5
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
Aug. Cost200 Coal

Crest of Chaos is a rare helmet that provides 3 effective Smithing levels per augment level.

How to Acquire

Crest of Chaos is made by transforming an Obsidian Helm while augmenting. The Obsidian Helm can only transform when augmenting from +4 to +5 and has a 5% (1 in 20) chance. There is a small chance for the Obsidian Helm to transform into a Gargoyle Helm at any augment including +4 to +5. Crest of Chaos can also be found as a rare drop in Palace of Flames.


"Krakatoa" - A fire attack that is 25% slower, 25% more accurate, and does double damage with a cooldown of at least 45 seconds.

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