Fisherman's Bucket Hat

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Fisherman's Bucket Hat
Fisherman's Bucket Hat
gold coin250,000
Enchantment Slots3
EnchantmentsBait Preservation 3
Defensive Stats
Master Fisherman
(3 pieces)
Legendary Angler
(4 pieces)
+15% to all fishing stats+30% to all fishing stats
Augment Bonus
Fishing SkillBait Power
Reel PowerBonus Rarity
Aug. Cost30 Fishing Shard Fishing Shard

Fisherman's Bucket Hat is the body piece of the Fisherman Set and is enchanted with Bait Preservation 3 as default, which increases chance to preserve bait by 12%.

  • Three pieces of the fisherman set provides the Master Fisherman buff which increases fishing stats by 15% excluding bait. Also reduces damage received and increase damage dealt by 25% in dangerous gathering encounters.
  • Four pieces replaces the 3-set bonus with the Legendary Angler buff which increases fishing stats by 30% excluding bait. Also reduces damage received and increase damage dealt by 50% in dangerous gathering encounters.

How to Acquire

Crafted Item Crafting Level Base EXP Ingredients
Fisherman's Bucket Hat Fisherman's Bucket Hat
Crafting 60
22,500 Crafting Crafting
450 Fishing Shard Fishing Shard


Bait Preservation 3 is the default enchantment, but can be disenchanted.

List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of Weakening Scroll of Weakening Helm, Body, Legs, Shield, Weapon 4 100 20 Air, Fire, Mind Decreases the level requirements of the item by 1.
Scroll of Reinforcement Scroll of Reinforcement Helm, Body, Legs 13 200 30 Death, Chaos, Mind Increases agility by 12.
Scroll of Protection Scroll of Protection Helm, Body, Legs 31 400 40 Air, Earth, Cosmic Increases protection by 10.
Scroll of Resistance Scroll of Resistance Helm, Body, Legs 32 400 40 Air, Fire, Cosmic Increases resistance by 10.
Scroll of Recklessness Scroll of Recklessness Helm, Body, Legs 80 1000 80 Blood, Death, Chaos Additively increases offensive magic, range, and melee affinity by 2.0% but reduces the respective defensive affinities by the same amount.
Scroll of False Equilibrium Scroll of False Equilibrium Helm, Body, Legs 81 1000 80 Blood, Death, Chaos Increases maximum damage and decreases minimum damage by 1.5%.