Cursed Spade

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Cursed Spade
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersDark Mage
Possessed Mage
Reanimated Bones
Pactbound Sorcerer
Notable DropsAncient Nature Amulet
Ancient Fire Amulet
Ancient Water Amulet
Ancient Air Amulet
Ancient Blood Amulet
Zone Recommendations
Rec. Combat Levels50+
Rec. GearMidgame Gear

Cursed Spade is a dungeon key that takes the user(s) to the Ancient Barrows, where they will fight a number of different monsters, ranging anywhere from hordes of the undead to evil sorcerers.

Recommended Gear

  • Level 50+ in all relevant skills
  • Recommended style: any
  • One tank mercenary is needed if your dps is not high enough.

How to Acquire Key

The Cursed Spade Head drops most monsters in the Fallen Academy combat zone, other sources includes most demon type monsters.

Item Crafting Level Exp Ingredients
Cursed Spade 50 15,000 1xIron Bar Iron Bar,
1xLog Log,
300xIchor Ichor,
1xBone Bone,
1xCursed Spade Head Cursed Spade Head

Notable Drops

Item Drop Location Droprate
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet Barrows Cache [?]
Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet Barrows Cache [?]
Ancient Water Amulet Ancient Water Amulet Barrows Cache [?]
Ancient Air Amulet Ancient Air Amulet Barrows Cache [?]
Ancient Blood Amulet Ancient Blood Amulet Barrows Cache [?]
Necromancer's Remains Necromancer's Remains [?] [?]