Ancient Blood Amulet

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Ancient Blood Amulet
Level Required40 strength
40 defense
Enchantment Slots1
Offensive Stats
Offensive Affinity
Aug BonusAug Cost
+0.5 strength50 Blood RuneBlood Rune
5000 Blood EssenceBlood Essence
1 Blood TalismanBlood Talisman
An ancient energy keeps you from attempting to absorb the talisman. With this you bathe in the blood of your enemies. Very edgy.

Ancient Blood Amulet is an Epic-tier Necklace. Ancient Blood Amulet requires 40 Defense Defense and 40 Strength Strength to equip. It is tradable.

Ancient Blood Amulet provides the player the ability Sever and, by default, is enchanted with Force 2.

How to Acquire

Ancient Blood Amulet can be acquired through Barrows Caches, awarded for clearing the dungeon Ancient Barrows.


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of Gathering Scroll of Gathering Ring, Necklace 64 800 70 Earth, Fire, Water, Mind, Cosmic Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource while gathering. There is a 15% chance that a nature rune is consumed when it procs. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Pyromancy Scroll of Pyromancy Ring, Necklace 7 100 30 Fire, Water, Nature Use 5% less heat when cooking and smithing. Caps at 80% reduction.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind, Cosmic Automatically sells gathering and production items for 20% of their vendor price. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Scholar.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1300 110 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases experience gained from gathering and production by 20% but destroys the item in process. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Wealth. Only active for mastery experience, when a skill is at level 99.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 2000 200 Air, Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases non-combat action speed by 4%. Caps at halving action time. Stacks with Empowered Haste.

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