Phoenix's Feather

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Phoenix's Feather
A white-hot feather taken from a fallen phoenix.

Phoenix's Feather is an Epic-tier Crafting Crafting material. It is tradable.

How to Acquire

Phoenix's Feather is acquired as a drop from Phoenix 4, the final encounter in the Palace of Flame dungeon.


Phoenix's Feather is used to craft and augment the Epic-tier cape, Mantle of Flame

Item Crafting Level Exp Materials Augment Cost
Mantle of Flame Mantle of Flame
36,000 x5,000 Feather Feather
x36 Phoenix's Feather Phoenix's Feather
x15,000 Heat Heat
x1,250 Fire Rune Fire Rune
x500 Feather Feather
x1 Phoenix's Feather Phoenix's Feather
x1 Molten Ashes Molten Ashes

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