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Rise of Info
gold coin500
SourceElite Moss Giant
Elite Fire Giant
Elite Ice Giant
Ancient power emanates from the seal... It sorta smells like durian. Breaking the seal is a bad idea without bringing as many people as you can muster.
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RISE OF INFO is a key to The Durian Locker, a 10 man dungeon to fight various forms of INFO.


Level: 99 in all three combat skills

Minimum equipment required:

Stats: Accuracy: 585.2, Str: 483, Def: 505~527 (Range 474)


You NEED Reinforcement and Protection because some monsters can hit really hard.
Accuracy is MANDATORY because INFO dodges A LOT.
Fortitude on Ancient Nature Amulet is MANDATORY to save effective healings from food.

Fight Strategy

Regular Strategy

Food: 1 Demon Skin Monster Surprise +41 or more, 2 Nimble Monster Surprise +46 or more, 25 Monster Curry +15 or more.

  • Auto-eat: set at 40% with 117 hp (= always above ~45 hp) to save effective heals on food (rest of the equipment is DPS oriented)
    • This is very important because food management is the key to winning the fight. You need to ALL stay alive once you reach Avatar of INFO with more than 12 foods left on average per player.
    • You need to stay focused the entire fight to avoid dying before you run out of food.
  • Manual eating
    • Make sure to eat from the last item in your combat inventory to prevent double eating
    • Manually heal above 55 hp at Elite Greater Demon
    • Manually heal above 75 hp when targeted by CHAOS REND from Elite Chaos Giant.
    • Manually heal above 75 hp or 103 hp if you can when targeted by SAVAGE STRIKE from Enraged Giant King.
    • Manually heal above 75 hp when targeted by REBUKE from all Info's forms.
    • Note: If your auto-eat freaks out for too long don't hesitate to manually heal above the 45 HP as well.
  • Food management is important!

Alternate Strategies

  • +15 Fire Amulet with Fortitude: More accuracy, more food wasted
  • +15 King's Crown: Less damage taken, longer run, more concentration
  • +10 Corrupted Ring: Food saved, less accuracy, heals come too early in the run
  • Kala/Zedge player: Shave off Info protection buff, loss of DPS


There are a total of 27 encounters during the Rise of Info dungeon.

Max hit is actual data logged from dungeon runs and could be higher. Numbers are with 24% reduction from Protection enchantment.

Monster Encounter Max hit HP Notable Drops
Ot_to's Prized Hen 4 17 202 - 255 Cluster-Cluck
Elite Goblin 3 24 276 Scrap of Stained Parchment
Lesser Ladle
Greater Ladle
Elite Black Knight 3 35 1,440 Dark Key Piece

Black Knight's Trial

Elite Lesser Demon 2 33 2,200 Demonic Trial
Elite Greater Demon 1 53 2,800 Demonic Trial
Elite Infected Naga 2 35 2,900 Naga's Bracelet

Corroded Scroll

Elite Bone Giant 1 40 2,975 Decayed Cloak

Chorus of Souls

Corroded Scroll

Elite Spriggan 1 30 3,000 Sageberry Bush Seed

Taproot Scroll

Elite Fire Giant 1 46 3,250 Fire Orb
Giant Scroll
Elite Moss Giant 1 45 3,900 Moss Maul
Giant Scroll
Elite Ice Giant 1 46 4,387 Kalanahmatti
Giant Scroll
Elite Chaos Giant 1 75 4,875 Ancient Fire Amulet

Ancient Nature Amulet

Scroll of Fortitude

Giant Scroll

Giant King Giant King 1 40 x2 15,000 Stone
Enraged Giant King Enraged Giant King 1 65 x2 3,750 Shapeless Scythe

Giant King's Jewel

Giant Scraps

Shard of INFO 1 59 5,000 Stone
Essence of INFO 1 75 10,000 Stone
Avatar of INFO 1 75 15,000 Stone
Visions of Stone 1 None 1 Stone

INFO's Attack Phases

There are currently four recorded attacks from each phase of INFO.

Pontificate: Almost no damage, apply "Sick" stacks which reduce heals from foods. This needs to be countered with food management.

Sentience: Almost no damage, buff Info with "Protection' stacks which reduce damage from players. This needs to be countered with fast attack weapon like Scythe or Kala.

Inform: Average Damage.

Rebuke: Heavy Damage. (Confirmed 66, 68, 72 hits at Essence/Shard)


The first party to clear INFO consisted of: IdleOnion, Silent1, KnightQuell, okays, Schu, Mageofpie, bonkers, mooooooooo, Yolen and DaChampion.