Enraged Giant King

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The Enraged Giant King is a dungeon exclusive boss monster found in Giant's Keep after defeating the Giant King.

Although giants are weak against crush type weapons, the Enranged Giant King does not seem to specifically have any strengths or weaknesses.


The Enraged Giant King has many attack types with a predetermined rotation. Each attack is slightly faster and double the damage than the Giant King.
Lash Out -> Sweep -> Lash Out -> Savage Strike -> Lash Out -> Lightning Strikes Thrice -> (Repeat)

Attack Max Hit Type Target Speed
Base Stats 56[?] physical splashSlash[?] Single 2.8
Lash Out 28 physical splashSlash Single 1.4
Sweep 42 physical splashSlash All 3.5
Savage Strike 70 x2 physical splashSlash All x2 2.5
Lightning Strikes Thrice 50 Lightning SplashSlash (Lightning) Three 5.6

When fighting with less than 5 players, multi-target attacks can target the missing player slot thus hitting less players.[?]
E.g. Lightning Strikes Thrice can hit 2 or 3 players when fighting with 4 players.


Treasure Hunter increases all drop rates except for 100% drop.


Item Quantity Price
Giant Scraps Giant Scraps 5 - 38[?] 50,000

Main Drops

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Giant King's Jewel Giant King's Jewel 1 <1% 2,500,000
Shapeless Scythe Shapeless Scythe 1 <1% 12,000,000