Elite Chaos Giant

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Elite Chaos Giants are monsters found in the Shapeless Scroll challenge and a stronger version in the Giant's Keep dungeon.

Elite Chaos Giants seems to be the elite version of the Chaotic Abomination despite its name, with the same attack rotation and lack of weakness against crush damage but a combined loot table with the Chaos Giant.


Elite Chaos Giant has three attack types with a predetermined rotation, Lash Out -> Chaos Rend -> Lash Out -> Chaos Bolt -> Lash Out -> (Repeat)

Attack Max Hit Type Target Speed
Base Stats 32[?] physical splash Crush One 3.4
Lash Out 16 physical splash Crush One 1.7
Chaos Rend 40 Chaos Splash Crush (Chaos) Three 4.25
Chaos Bolt 40 Chaos Splash Range (Chaos) Three 4.25

*Max hit calculated from a +3 Shapeless scroll and 24% protection.

Chaos Rend hits players once, regardless of number of participants.


Elite monsters have drops rates that are 20~100 times more than their regular counterpart which is further multiplied when in a higher challenge.


Item Quantity Price
Chaos Rune Chaos Rune 1 - 70[?] 10
Chaos Talisman Chaos Talisman 1 20,000

Main Drops

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Air RuneEarth RuneFire RuneWater RuneBlood Rune
Death RuneChaos RuneNature RuneMind RuneCosmic Rune
 Any Runes
1 - 30 25% 10
Stygian Boots Stygian Boots 1 10% 2,880,000
Useless Scraps 1 3% 1,000
Useless Scraps 1 3% 1,000
Scroll of Fortitude Scroll of Fortitude 1 2% 250,000
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet 1 1% 200,000
Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet 1 1% 200,000
Signet Ring Signet Ring 1 1% 450,000
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace 1 <1% 3,360,000
Chaos Fragment Chaos Fragment* 1 - 2 13% 500,000

* Key pieces are not dropped from dungeon monsters.

Universal Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Satchel Satchel 1 16% 1000
Mysterious Seed Mysterious Seed 1 - 2 16% 7


The Elite Chaos Giant has a more saturated image than the regular Chaos Giant. (Elite on left)
Elite Chaos GiantChaos Giant