Abandoned Academy Scroll

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Abandoned Academy Scroll
The key to enter the Abandoned Academy Base.

The Abandoned Academy Scroll is a dungeon key for the Abandoned Academy Base dungeon.

Only 1 player can enter the dungeon.

The Abandoned Academy Base is one of the skilling Dungeons. It can be challenged by using an Abandoned Academy Scroll, which has to be crafted from 5 Ancient Cloth Fragments. The Legendary Chisel and the Legendary Tacklebox both require this Dungeon to be beat in order to unlock the crafting recipe.

How to Acquire

The key is acquired by Crafting the dungeon key Abandoned Academy Scroll

Item Level Req. Exp Ingredients
Abandoned Academy Scroll
5x Ancient Cloth Fragment Ancient Cloth Fragment


Upon Craftin, Augmentation level is randomly chosen up to: (Fishing level + Runcreafting level) / 40

Recommended Gear

Level: 60+

Any kind of skilling/ gathering Gear, preferebly 4/4 set pieces including the legendary Tool.


Monster Encounters HP Notable Drops
Swordfish Swordfish, Ascended Ascended 1-10 ~7000 Various Baits
Swordfish Champion Swordfish Champion, Ancient Ascended Ancient Ascended 2 ~30000 Various Baits, Mystical Driftwood Aquamarine
Water Elemental Water Elemental 1 ~40000 Void Portal Anchor, all variants of Cloth, Sunken and Ancient Treasue, Fishing Shard Runecrafting Shard Aquamarine Mystical Driftwood

Notable Drops

Item Rarity Usage
Academy Wards Academy Wards ?? Crafting component of Runecrafting Gear
Void Portal Anchor Void Portal Anchor ?? Crafting component of Cloak of the Void Cloak of the Void
Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant Dwarven Manufacturing Pendant ?? Increases Production speed by 20% but increases resource cost by 25%.
Academy Research Cache Academy Research Cache 100% Another roll of Dungeon Drops

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