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Chests can be gathered randomly while performing specific actions. Opening a chest will give a random amount of loot, as well as a 20% chance to receive a Talisman.

Chest Types


The chance for a chest drop from combat is based on the monster killed. Detailed drop rates can be found on the individual monster pages.

The chance to obtain a chest while gathering is based on the base time of an action. The following formula is used:

Geodes and Bird's Nests:

Ancient and Sunken Treasures:

The Naturalist enchantment can increase the chance of getting a chest from gathering actions.


  • All chests share a chance to drop Gems and Talismans.
  • Geodes mainly contain mining related drops like bars.
  • Bird's Nests mainly contain foraging related drops like branches and seeds.
  • Sunken Treasures have a chance to drop rare loot such as Modified Diving Gloves and Forgotten Souls.
  • Ancient Treasures have a chance to drop rare loot such as Ancient Gear and Sunken Treasure drops.
  • Satchels mainly contain gold and runes.
  • Mysterious Seeds can only be dropped by Bird's Nests and Satchels.
  • Books can only be dropped by Sunken Treasures and Satchels.