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Acronym or
+1, +2, +3 etc., augmentation level
Acc Accuracy
Addy Adamantite
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From Keyboard
atk attack level
Aug Augmenting
“Big” An item with a high augment level e.g. a big scythe.
BKGH Black Knight Great Helm
BKTH Black Knight Titan’s Helm
Bopal Black Opal
Chanting Enchanting
CL Corrupted Lands
CoC or CC Chaos Crest (Formerly known as Crest of Chaos)
CoS Chorus of Souls
Crit Critical Strike
Crown King's Crown
CW Chaos Wastes
Daddy Addy
def Defence Level
EA Each
Forb Fire Orb
g/h Gold Per Hour
Garg Gargoyle
Gath Gathering
IDK I Don't Know
IG I Guess
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
IM Ironman
Infernal Infernal equipment set
IS Idlescape
k/h / kph Kills Per Hour

(less)Thousands Per Hour

Kala Shard of Kalanahmatti
KC King's Crown
M Million Gold
M(followed by number) Mastery levels e.g. M30 = 30 mastery levels
Mael Ancient Maelstrom Orb
Mace Crystal Mace
Maul Moss Maul
MDG Modified Diving Gloves
Mith Mithril
mod Moderator
Necro Necromancer's Equipment
Nerd Someone who is good at the game
NG, NGIM No gather / No Gather Ironman
Obby Obsidian
Obs Obsidian
OH Overhealing
OW Overgrown Woods
pat Patience
pick Pickaxe
Plat Platinum
PM/DM Personal/Private Message

Direct message

Potato Rotate
pris Prismatic Jewelery
Prosp Prospector
Prot Protection
Pump Pumpkin
Rainbow Any item augmented to +25
RC Runecrafting
Reck Recklessness
Rein Reinforcement
RNG Random Number Generator
Rune Runite
Sage Sageberry
sb soulbind
Scythe Shapeless Scythe
SH Superheating
ST Sunken Treasure
str Strength Level
Styg Stygian
T(followed by number) Tier of item e.g. Stygian is T60 because

it requires level 60 to equip

Tali Talisman
Titan Black Knight Titan's Helm
TH Treasure Hunter
Valley Valley of Giants
vog Valley of Giants
Wastes Chaos Wastes
WTB Want To Buy
WTS Want To Sell
yolo You Only Live Once (aug something without a backup)
Zedge / Zej Zero Edge